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Money-Making Tips: Man Making Six Figures From Side Hustle Shares ‘One Thing That Worked’ | Personal finance | Finance

Currently, people in the UK are struggling to cope with inflation that is at its highest level in 40 years and ever-rising energy bills. Inflation stands at 9.4% and is expected to reach 11% by the end of the year, and energy bills are expected to hit £3,200 by October. The rising cost of living is putting additional pressure on households as wages stagnate, forcing people to do odd jobs.

Addressed exclusively to Sandhu, 46, from Ealing, explained how taking a side hustle led him to be better off.

Mr. Sandhu explained, “I was aiming to earn more. I was in a situation where I had to run the family business and take a pay cut.

“I felt stuck. I tried so many things that failed – painting, SEO, videography – then finally one thing worked, dubbing through Fiverr.

“Going onto the platform made me see myself as a pro, something changed in me and then the world reacted to that and with more practice I got better and it really took off from there.”

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Sharing his experience, Mr. Sandhu explained why he made the decision to get started in the first place using Fiverr, an app for freelance services.

He added: “I was not well placed mentally. I needed to increase my income. I wanted to be able to have some extra cash so I could afford the little luxuries (like treating my family to meals at restaurants without worrying about the cost).

“Secondary income made this possible. To be honest, Fiverr elevated the meaning of “side hustle” to me, and the results were amazing.

As things stand, the biggest issue affecting the country is the cost of living crisis and someone like Amrit is also affected by it.


According to him, taking a side hustle and this “new source of income” has been key in helping relieve the stress of paying skyrocketing energy bills and rising grocery prices due to inflation.

“It’s a really tough time for people and I feel so lucky to have established a new source of income because now I don’t think I have to worry about earning enough to cover the bills as much as before,” Mr. Sandhu said. said.

“I’ve been doing this voice acting job since January 2020 and was able to earn way beyond my expectations – around six figures.

“This income takes the headache out of worrying about extra expenses; a feeling I knew well before joining Fiverr.

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On managing the workload between his main job and the side hustle, he said: “When I started I was running my family business and I could really only put in two to three extra hours a day working on a secondary activity.

“Of course I had to be more flexible when the demand was higher, and I’m glad I did because it paid off.

“Now I find it even more manageable as I have established myself on the platform as a top rated seller.

“It really shows that if you can deliver quality work and get those customer reviews, your profile can skyrocket.”

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