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Mastering technological tools is now a fundamental requirement for jobs in the hospitality sector: CEO of Sommet Education

Technology has revolutionized the hospitality industry and mastering technology applications is a fundamental requirement for anyone considering a future in the industry, according to Sommet Education CEO Benoit-Etienne Domenget.

Access to information has changed the industry and there is now a growing demand for people with technical know-how, he said.

Sommet Education manages hotel management institutions in Switzerland, Spain, China and the United Kingdom. The Indian School of Hospitality in Gurugram is also part of the group.

Data management and analysis are prerequisites in the hospitality industry today. ”To understand your customer, you can no longer rely on chatter alone. This is obviously important but not sufficient. You have to have data management, access to data, understanding of tools…surveys, etc. etc It is a fundamental element that must be mastered today,” he said.

Last week, the leading hotel school Les Roches de Sommet Education signed an agreement with the United Nations World Tourism Organization to promote innovation and technological integration in the tourism and hospitality sectors across the world. The agreement was signed at the Les Roches campus in Marbella, southern Spain, in the presence of UNWTO Secretary General Zurab Pololikashvili.

”UNWTO is present in all markets to advance tourism and hospitality. So they are a source of knowledge and inspiration for us…they help us bring intelligence and knowledge to our students and learners,” Domenget said.

He said Les Roches strives to bring innovation to the heart of hospitality education.

”Everyone would now recognize that hospitality has been very impacted and to some extent revolutionized by the rise of technology… That’s why with the SPARK project, which is a lot about bringing in tech experts, companies, to incubate ideas and projects, we want to give our students and learners the best possible way to approach technology and innovation as a very important asset of their learning base,” he said. declared.

”We are not converting our schools into engineering schools…but we are empowering our students to understand how they can benefit from using technology to continue to improve and transform the industry and most importantly to be even more effective in their future. business, to be more employable and better entrepreneurs,” he added.

Data access and management has brought about a fundamental shift in the hospitality industry compared to 20 to 30 years ago, he said.

Les Roches CEO Carlos Diez de la Lastra said that in the hospitality industry, soft skills will be more important than hard skills in the years to come.

With applications and changes in technology, a manager in the hospitality industry will increasingly need to have the ability to handle uncertain situations with flexibility, he said. Someone with strong technical skills doesn’t always mean he or she will handle a situation very well, he added.

Les Roches has campuses in Switzerland, Spain and China. As part of its agreement with UNWTO, Les Roches will train tourism and hospitality talent from more than 100 countries at its campuses in Switzerland and Spain.

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