Manufacturing is strong in Ohio, offers well-paying jobs

Semiconductors. Electric vehicles and EV batteries. Jobs relocated. Record release.

These are exciting times for Ohio’s manufacturing sector.

With companies like Intel, Sherwin-Williams, Amgen, Whirlpool, General Motors, Ford, and many more — including small and medium-sized businesses — making substantial investments in our state, Ohio is writing the next chapter in its legacy. already wealthy manufacturer.

Additionally, Buckeye State is leading by example on how to develop the manufacturing workforce, which is critical to maintaining our status as a manufacturing powerhouse.

A recent Schneider Downs survey found that 84% of responding Ohio manufacturers said attracting and retaining a quality workforce was their biggest challenge. Even in a manufacturing state like ours, many residents are unaware that modern manufacturing careers are high-tech, safe, well-paying, and intellectually rewarding.

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