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Machinists’ union reaches industry-leading tentative agreement for 7,000 members at Southwest Airlines

About 7,000 IAM-represented workers at Southwest Airlines will vote on a contract that offers job protections and industry-leading pay scales for members of the carrier. The IAM represents customer service employees, including customer representatives, customer service agents and support source representatives, at Southwest Airlines.

The four-year tentative agreement also provides better rules on mandatory overtime and creates a better quality of life for IAM members. The IAM Bargaining Committee unanimously recommends a “yes” vote.

“Our members should be proud to have stood firm for a contract they deserve,” said Richard Johnsen, IAM Chief of Staff to the International President. “Thanks to this bargaining committee and the solidarity of our members, we were able to reach a much stronger tentative agreement that will benefit our Southwest Airlines members, their families and their communities.”

Read the highlights of the agreement by clicking here.

“I want to thank all of the members who have stood strong and made their voices heard through surveys during this process,” said IAM District 142 President and CEO John M. Coveny Jr. “We have listened to the needs of our members and are extremely proud of this tentative agreement with Southwest Airlines.

In the next few days, the complete version of the tentative agreement will be given to the members.

“We are very grateful to the members, the Bargaining Committee, District 142 leadership, Airline Coordinator Tom Regan, Grand Lodge Representative Jeff Tobius and National Mediation Council Mediator Gerry McGuckin,” said said IAM Transportation Coordinator Edison Fraser. “We also want to thank Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan and his team for partnering in securing a strong tentative agreement.”

The IAM will also hold information meetings for the explanation of the contract as soon as all the places and dates for the ratification vote are confirmed.

“It was an honor to work with this negotiating team,” said Tom Regan, IAM Airline Coordinator. “Every Southwest Airlines IAM member should be proud of the work done on their behalf to secure this industry-leading tentative agreement.”

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