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LawSikho records record placement for lawyers in March

New Delhi [India] April 27 (ANI/ATK): Amid growing uncertainty over job prospects plaguing recent law graduates, law students and lawyers, LawSikho – an edtech startup specializing in law – has registered an impressive number of 336 candidates who obtained employment, internship and freelance opportunities. No less than 31 students have landed jobs in national and international companies, including remote work opportunities in the United States, Australia and Europe. LawSikho learners have secured employment opportunities in national organizations such as HSBC, L&T Defense, Tech Mahindra, White and Brief, AARC Partners, etc. Edison Trademark Enforcement (United States), WACEO (Brussels), Virtual Law Firm (Philadelphia, United States), Erudite Legal (Melbourne), Riviere Advocacy group (United States).

The demand for remote legal talent that had sprung up during the pandemic has blossomed into an industry in its own right thanks to the hybridization of work culture – many startups are planting their roots and the industry has seen a rapid acceleration of the demand for lawyers, paralegals, and legal secretaries. Practicing lawyers and current law students, tapping into the gig economy market, have also hired several clients for freelance work. Nearly 107 applicants secured jobs in consulting, investing, equities, and content.

Freelance work is also not limited to the field of law – students and new law graduates who have not yet perfected their legal skills, have also obtained freelance work in non-legal fields such as translation, transcription, content writing, annotation, graphic design and website development. In addition, 123 LawSikho learners, who are law students, obtained legal internships – 36 of which are paid – in law firms like Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan, Chilana and Chilana Law Firm, HSA Advocates, World Cyber ​​Security Forum, Sharma and Associates, Precept Law Firm, and Nexus Insurance (Dubai),

LawSikho has always made efforts to nurture a large pool of talent to build a team of legal and non-legal professionals to meet global market and client demand. The cornerstone of LawSikho’s advanced courses is imparting practical skills to its learners, so that they can get started as soon as they enter the job market in any capacity. To this end, LawSIkho follows a unique model. For teaching, LawSikho uses a mix of in-house experts and practicing industry experts – thus bringing the two-pronged approach of conceptual clarity and hands-on experience. But that’s not all – LawSikho also has a dedicated mentoring team. When learners enter LawSikho, mentors contact them and set up an individual career roadmap for the learners, based on their long-term goals. Throughout the learner’s journey with LawSikho, mentors monitor learner progress, provide personalized career guidance, and assign professional assignments accordingly. Thus, learners can benefit from this 360-degree approach which is very different from the usual teaching model in any organization.

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