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Lateral hustle as a path to personal fulfillment and freedom | Brent Roy

If you’ve recently considered a career change, a side hustle could be the bridge to get you there.

A side hustle or part-time job you do in your spare time can earn you some much-needed extra cash while adding purpose and meaning to your life.

A family embraces secondary hustle

I am surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs and side-hustlers. My daughter is a photographer, and my second son has already started three businesses, including his current videography job.

Our eldest son begins a scramble to edit and proofread PhD research papers. students. My dad opened his own barber shop over half a century ago – he still offers occasional cuts.

My brother has a successful car detailing business. And my sister is a teacher who wrote and co-wrote a number of books while working alongside her.

Over the years I’ve done voice overs for a little extra money. But I mostly played it safe, relying on the security of government communications jobs. My career choice allowed my wife to stay home to raise our three children.

However, in today’s economy, a single income family may seem even more out of reach.

With rising inflation and the chaos and uncertainty of ever-changing work patterns, more and more people are reinventing a better way to better control their work.

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