Job skills are undergoing rapid transformation for social media marketers [Infographic]

Few people would say that social media is a rapidly changing space. But this rapid pace means that the knowledge base needed to succeed as a social media marketer is also changing rapidly. In fact, LinkedIn predicts that the top skills required for a career in social media marketing, whether it’s Facebook savvy or photo editing expertise, will undergo a 50% change over the next five coming years. That means half of what you’re an expert on today may soon be irrelevant.

This overview is based on research reports and data discovery tools published by LinkedIn in its Workforce Data Centerwhich aggregates user data to help paint a clear picture of the transformation of the global workforce in recent years.

Social media marketing data is telling. For example, a social media manager in the United States, seven of the top 10 skills listed for this role in 2021 did not appear on a similar list for 2015.

LinkedIn Economic Graph, Future of Skills

The job of a social media manager requires a general understanding of digital brand management and public relations, with social media strategy being the key focus and skill to be developed. While the focus of this role remains the same, here we can see how the priorities shift with changing consumer expectations and our overall social climate.

Social media managers, on average, cited Facebook Business Suite, event planning, blogging, and public speaking as notable skills in 2015. In 2021, certain skills such as “public speaking public” have been replaced by “social media communication”, highlighting the change in the way brands approach their marketing. Technical skills have also undergone their own transformation, with graphic design and Instagram rising to the top of the list and Facebook falling completely out of the Top 10.

Over the years, social media has increasingly proven its value as a powerful vehicle for connection and communication. So what do brands need to compete in this space? What is the key to communication on social networks today?

Creativity and the aptitude for entertaining video content are now becoming major assets in the field. As 2023 dawns, we expect to see TikTok, short-form video, and creative storytelling rise to the top of our social media leadership priorities.

In the United States, TikTok and YouTube are now more popular than Netflix for those under 35, according to the latest research. So it’s probably fair to say that if your social media team can create relevant, visually appealing, informative, and entertaining video content, you’re already set for success.

Below, Social Media Today has rounded up the top skills of social media team leaders today and compared them to skills in demand five years ago, based on data from LinkedIn’s Future of Skills report. .. We hope this will serve as a useful guide to knowing which skills to stay on top of and which may be of lower priority when considering your career path.

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