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James joins the BBC to help unlock ‘Your Inner Boss’

James Blake, Founder and Managing Director of award-winning digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) company Vindicta Digital, will take part in an interactive livestream today to guide Gemma as she tackles a set of challenges commercial.

A successful investor who owns and operates several six-figure businesses, James (28) will join a top-notch list of academics, alumni and expert guests to guide Gemma as she enlists the help of her audience live online to make crowdsourced decisions.

A new study commissioned by the Open University has found that nearly half of young people (45%) feel trapped in a job they really can’t stand.

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Gemma Cairney, BBC TV and Radio 1 presenter

While 82% of young people say they dream of being their own boss and three quarters describe themselves as having an entrepreneurial spirit and believe they have what it takes to succeed.

The study of 1,500 20-35 year olds also suggests it’s hard to find something new, with 28% feeling they’ve fallen into a career path they can’t get out of.

James, who attended Fort Hill Integrated College in Lisburn and then studied at the Open University when he started his business, which is now one of the growth sectors in Northern Ireland, explained why he wanted to get involved in the challenge.

He explained, “I’m a strong believer in action towards business goals and projects, so the Open University is the perfect fit.

“You can continue to grow your business while learning.

“I think it’s a fantastic alternative to full-time education.”

John D’Arcy, Director of the Open University, continued: “It’s amazing to see the positive entrepreneurial attitude of young people.

“A lot of young people know they have the potential to do bigger and better things, but don’t know how to get to their dream job.

“We hope that the Open University can be the solution to the obstacles that some younger generations face.

“Flexible study with the Open University gives young people the opportunity to earn money while learning and provides a chance to upskill to land their dream job while pursuing a side job at the same time.”

Presenter Gemma said, “I’m thrilled to be taking part in The Open University’s ‘Unlock Your Inner Boss’ LIVE Challenge.

“It’s great to see that young people today have such a positive mindset about feeling entrepreneurial – they clearly want to take control of their careers and many are planning their own hustles.

“I hope watching me in the ‘Unlock Your Inner Boss’ challenge will show that everyone is capable of achieving their dream job, with the right mindset and support.

“I’ve always considered myself to be entrepreneurial and can’t wait to see what challenges the day has to offer.”

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