You are currently viewing I’m an entrepreneur and here are the top five side hustle to earn up to $9,600 more every month

I’m an entrepreneur and here are the top five side hustle to earn up to $9,600 more every month

SIDE hustle can be a great way to earn extra cash on top of your full-time job.

Recent research from PYMNTS found that 64% of consumers were living paycheck to paycheck in January as the rate of inflation continued to rise.


These Recommendations Could Earn You Thousands Of Extra Revenues Per Month
Thanks to Fiverr, Melanin noted that you can easily earn $50 for each service


Thanks to Fiverr, Melanin noted that you can easily earn $50 for each service

This figure is up 3% from December 2021 levels.

And another Bankrate survey shows that three in 10 Americans have to work on the side just to cover the cost of normal expenses.

The average scammer earns an average of $1,222 per month, according to Side Hustle Nation.

But you might even be able to earn thousands more, according to TikTok user “therealmelaninking”.

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I'm making an extra $6,000 a month from side hustle that takes NO time anymore

The user, who goes by the name Melanin King, is a real estate agent and contractor.

In a recent video, he revealed five side scams that can earn you up to $9,600 per month.

1. Five

One of them is Fiver, which can be downloaded to your phone through an app.

Through this application you can sell your services.

This can include graphic design and design, digital marketing, programming, and writing.

“You can easily charge $50 or more depending on what you’re doing,” Melanin said.

“If you sell your service for $50 and get five sales a day, that’s $250 a day.”

2. Flip the couch

This next one may require heavy lifting, but it can earn you a significant amount of money.

There are two online tools you can use for couch flipping, including Offer up or Facebook marketing.

You will need to search for “free sofas” in the market, then clean and collect them.

According to Malanin, you can “easily” sell the canapes for between $200 and $600.

Selling eight canapes a week for $300 will net you $2,400.

Over a month, that equates to $9,600.

3. Resell old products

These products do not have to be yours and can be purchased at thrift stores.

This includes Goodwill, which is a non-profit organization that sells donation items to help people with disabilities and “other barriers”.

Through his store, he offers several types of products, including clothing, computers, jewelry, and musical instruments.

“Collect all the items you can, they will sell them very cheaply,” Malanin said.

“You can easily clean them up, take higher quality photos and remarket them.”

These can be listed on Facebook, Offer up or Craigslist.


Food delivery through DoorDash can also earn you extra cash.

DoorDash allows its drivers to work their own hours.

Using the Dash app, drivers can see a map of busy areas and schedule a time slot they want to work.

Those interested in trying it out can sign up online or through the app.

Malanin said dashers can “easily earn $300 a day” by delivering food through the app.

5. Real Estate Bird Dog

The latter was posted in the comment section of Malanin’s video.

For those who don’t know, a Bird Dog serves as a scout for a real estate investor.

Their responsibility is to seek out properties that have investment potential.

“Find distressed properties, write down the address, go to facebook or craigslist and find investors to give them the address of the property,” Malanin said.

You’ll be paid between $500 and $1,500 for each property the investor closes, according to Malanin.

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