You are currently viewing I’m a homeowner who made $177,000 from an in-home feature that 10 million Americans have

I’m a homeowner who made $177,000 from an in-home feature that 10 million Americans have

A OWNER who rents his swimming pool has earned $177,000 in less than two years.

Jim Battan of Oregon built the backyard feature in 2012 and uses the online platform Swimply to rent it out to swimmers.


Jim Battan and his wife Lisa rent out their backyard pool to swimmersCredit: Swimply
The couple revealed they spend around 12-14 hours cleaning the pool, testing its chemicals and managing bookings.


The couple revealed they spend around 12-14 hours cleaning the pool, testing its chemicals and managing bookings.Credit: Swimply

It is estimated that more than 10.4 million homes in the United States have a swimming pool, according to the data.

Over 9,000 bathers have since flocked to Battan Pool since September 2020.

The 57-year-old has earned around $177,000 in less than two years, according to CNBC.

He and his wife Lisa spend about 12-14 hours a week cleaning the pool, managing reservations and testing chemicals in the water.

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The pool comes at a cost as Battan has spent over $110,000 building it and over $35,000 maintaining it over the past decade.

He told CNBC he views the pool as an “investment” and takes it “very seriously.”

But, Battan warned that “it takes a long time to learn pool chemistry and management”.

He and his wife receive approximately 26 visits per week and aim to provide good customer service.

During the winter months the pool is kept at 90 degrees and covers are offered to guests.

It costs $63 an hour for up to five people to rent the pool during the week and up to $79 on weekends, according to its Swimply page.

There is an additional $10 per hour per person after five people.

Swimmers flock to the pool in droves as the family home sits in an idyllic setting.

Tenants have an unobstructed view of the trees, the barn and the animals the family has rescued.

When Battan first started renting out his pool, there were only five in the Portland area, but the competition has become more intense.

Swimply is offering hosts up to $10,000 to cover damage costs if a renter is “unwilling or unable to pay the damages”,

He estimates there are now more than 65 as more owners consider renting out their pools.

The Sun has revealed how ex-mechanic Randall Gibbons, 76, turned his job answering questions on the online forum JustAnswer into a full-time job.

He said he made $25,000 in July 2021 and he already made $100,000 this year already.


Gibbons was stunned by his earnings when he told CNBC, “If someone told me I was going to make that kind of money here, I’d say, ‘You’re crazy.'”

He said he spends around 50 hours a week answering questions online.

Gibbons revealed that answering questions is an attractive extra income for those who don’t want to commit to working a specific number of hours per week.

Experts who use JustAnswer tend to earn between $2,000 and $7,000 per month, according to its website.

They can choose which questions they answer and how long they spend on the site.

Side hustles appear to be on the rise and influencers have taken to social media to reveal how they can earn some extra cash amid the cost of living crisis.

An entrepreneur, known as Diamond, claimed to have made $20,000 in just three months selling her own products online.

The TikToker thrifty has since revealed the steps she took when launching her business HerDesignsCo.

She first looked for a niche in the market by researching business trends.

Diamond then used forum sites such as Reddit to search for problems she knew she had the solution to.

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She created products online using Canva – a free graphic design platform and created her own sales website.

The businesswoman uses social media sites like TikTok to advertise her products and reach buyers.

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