I worked minimum wage and made $350,000 at 23 – it all involves cleaning windows

TWO friends were able to go from minimum wage to a six-figure salary by starting a window cleaning business.

Johnny and Sergio run a YouTube page where they explain the ins and outs of running their California-based window cleaning service, Orange Window Cleaning.

Johnny and Sergio's window cleaning service started small but eventually grew


Johnny and Sergio’s window cleaning service started small but eventually grew

They also provide advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their small business.

In the video, they described their humble beginnings as “broke college students” trying out various small businesses that didn’t work until they found one that did.

“We did FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), we did drop shipping, we even launched our own clothing line, but none of that worked out,” Sergio said.

The one idea that caught the eye was window cleaning, according to Sergio.

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How did they start?

After buying equipment and learning how to clean windows from YouTube videos, they got their first job cleaning local businesses such as donut shops and liquor stores.

Things were slow at first: their first payments were in donuts.

Yet things really took off when they teamed up with local home cleaning services to clean residential windows.

According to Johnny, many cleaning services were unwilling to take on the responsibility of window cleaning and were eager to outsource to specialists like Johnny and Sergio.

During their first summer of operating the business in 2017, they earned $5,000.

They also used nicejob, a marketing service that increases the number of reviews a business can get.

After getting good word of mouth on Yelp and other review boards, the money started rolling in.

Eventually, they hired a crew of laborers, managers, and two trucks.

They expanded further and bought a competing window cleaning service.

And, to date, they said they’ve won $700,000 from what was once just a college stunt.

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