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I won £14,000 from the secret hustle I started in mum’s kitchen when I was bored

A WAITRESS who lost her job due to covid has earned up to 1.7ka a month from a booming side hustle.

Mona Route, 27, was made redundant as a waitress at an airport in Melbourne, Australia, after five years working there when the coronavirus pandemic hit Australian shores in March 2020.


The money is pouring in now for MonaCredit: Instagram/@monastreats_

She was hit with a double whammy later that year when the city was plunged into a 112-day lockdown.

“I was so bored. That’s when I started cooking,” she recalled to The Sun newspaper

Losing her job turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the free time gave her the opportunity to explore complicated dessert recipes and also motivated her to lose weight.

As a “cheat meal” to make the diet bearable, Mona created loaded cookies as a guilty pleasure.

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Soon, her family was begging her to do more, and an idea sprung up when her father suggested she sell him cookies.

And so Mona’s Treats was born.

She has 15 unique flavors for her cookies.

Ms. Route created an Instagram account for her loaded cookies, then spent $500 to gather enough ingredients for a big batch.


“When I started creating my flavors, at first I was selling about 30 or 40, it was pretty low,” she admitted.

Ms Route soon landed another frontline job, but she continued with Mona’s Treats, working on the booming business on her days off.

The business started slowly but has since taken off.

Sometimes she wakes up at 2am to deal with the many orders she receives.

Now, on average, she sells about 450 cookies per month.

They deliver cookies around Melbourne but also use express post to supply the rest of Australia.

Its best stretch was in August last year, at the height of the Melbourne and Sydney Delta-induced lockdowns, selling 700 cookies.

It takes him about 10 hours to make 200 cookies.

His business is entirely Instagram-based.

Since launching during Melbourne’s first extended lockdown, Mona’s Treats has made over £14,000 in revenue.

Based in her house which she shares with her parents, she uses a separate pantry to store her supplies.

Some of her ingredients come from the local supermarket while others come from abroad, such as her cookies and cream spread, which she imports from Italy.

To quit her daily job and turn Mona’s Treats into a full-time business, Ms. Route wants to sell at least 1,500 cookies a month.

She plans to start wholesale and work with delivery companies like UberEats so her cookies can feed more people.

“I hope one day I can do it in a commercial kitchen,” she added.

Local cafes have already approached her to stock her unique cookies.

Later this month, she’ll release a special Easter flavor ahead of the shopping rush. She is also exploring cookie pies as another menu option.

She was 26 when she launched Mona’s Treats.

Mona made special edition cookies around Christmas.

Mrs. Route prepares the filling the night before and then prepares the cookies in the morning.

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Mona's treats look delicious


Mona’s treats look deliciousCredit: Instagram/@monastreats_

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