I went from not earning enough to making an extra $7,000 a month with my side hustles – it was all a ‘trivial’ thing

KRIS Parker was in desperate need of extra money when he graduated from law school in 2007, and student loans had piled up.

Working a low-paying job as a state attorney in Florida, the 45-year-old decided to follow his passion – and it paid off.

Lawyer Kris Parker created a successful trivia business


Lawyer Kris Parker created a successful trivia business1 credit

Today, his secondary activity brings him an additional 30% of his regular income, or between 3,000 and 7,000 dollars per month.

His company – Bay City Entertainment – is a pub trivia company that provides trivia questions to participating bars, restaurants and breweries.

Kris is also the current managing partner of the Tampa Bay law firm Hendry & Parker.

“As a prosecutor, I had to go to my boss and tell him that I wanted to go to bars every day,” Kris told The Sun.

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“He was very understanding – it’s not your fault you can’t afford to pay us what we need to get by.”

It started out as an idea based on his personal love of trivia, but today it’s grown into so much more than that.

Bay City Entertainment now employs 12 people and serves 22 bars with trivia per week.

Anecdotes have become a way of life for Kris, who said 60-70% of the people at his wedding were people he met through anecdotal stories.

And even more strikingly, Kris was able to earn 30% more and more of his regular income as a lawyer.

“If we didn’t have it right now, we would have to make major adjustments,” Kris said of her family’s reliance on the extra income.

He has a wife and two children, and the extra few thousand a month impacts their daily lives.

As the craft beer movement has grown since 2007, Kris is proud to say that he has been able to keep his prices where he started and still turn a good profit.

But how did it start?

Kris said her business plan was quite simple.

He saved up money to buy a PA system at a local music store, created a format for his game, and wrote his own questions.

Then he started working on finding a place that would pay $150 to host a two-hour team quiz.

After providing four free nights at a local Buffalo Wild Wings, the manager agreed to host a weekly show.

Soon, Buffalo Wild Wings hired Kris to host at all three restaurants in their location on a weekly basis.

Today, he continues to add new locations, which helps him because his financial obligations have skyrocketed since starting a family.

Why the lateral jostling now?

Kris was ahead of the curve when it came to side shoving.

But in the age of coronavirus, many have been laid off and started their own businesses.

These have persisted even as they have found nine to five jobs, and as inflation has risen in recent months, although it is now falling, the secondary unrest provides an additional level of financial security.

According to the consumer price index, inflation hit an over 40-year high of 9.1% in June.

Whatever the reason, Kris encourages others to pursue side activities to choose something they are passionate about, as he did with trivia.

“A secondary hustle could be used as a social outlet or to do whatever you like to do,” Kris said.

Many side hustles are even started during working hours, i.e. when the person is supposed to be working on company time for someone else.

This follows a trend called “silent quitting,” or basically when an employee gives the bare minimum to their job.

Some, however, see this trend more favorably, as a reflection of younger generations placing more importance on work-life balance than their older counterparts after being burnt out.

According to a recent poll by student coupon app Student Beans, nearly 75% of young Americans agree to quit quietly.

Two-thirds said it was important to them to have a work-life balance.

And if a job isn’t paying enough for the employee to get by, they expect to make the most of the company’s time by using it for a side hustle.

“Employers expect employees to work exclusively for them, so they need to pay them a living wage that allows them to do that,” Kris said.

“They know people will look for other avenues for financial security.

“It’s just human nature. They should expect this.

And because there has been a decline in employer loyalty to employees, employees have also responded with less loyalty to the company, Kris said.

“It’s hard to find a good paying job in this market,” Kris said.

Although Kris asked his supervisor for permission to start his successful side business years ago, he knows and understands why many haven’t, especially since prices tend to rise all the time.

“We have a gig economy where people are forced to separate a career and live together,” Parker said.

As always, keep in mind that any income from secondary activities is taxable.

There are several other side activity ideas for those who may not be trivia experts.

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An example is a man who made $750 in three hours as a notary.

There are also hustles perfect for introverts, ranging from a Netflix water binge to an ice cream tester or even a fortune cookie writer.

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