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I turned my side job into a £130,000 a year job

A WOMAN has revealed how her side hustle became her full-time job.

Gabby Beckford, 26, started a travel blog in 2020 and just two years after it started, it was bringing in £130,000 a year.


Gabby Beckford, 26, managed to turn her side job into her full-time job in just two years1 credit
Despite her success, some people claim she just got lucky


Despite her success, some people claim she just got lucky1 credit

Starting her blog, Packs Light, was the best career decision she’s ever made.

Although blogging started as a hobby, Gabby has seen it grow and attract readers and customers from all over the world.

Speaking to CNBC, Gabby said that through sponsored social media posts, blog posts and B2B marketing consultations, she was able to earn £130,000 last year.

Gabby admits it hasn’t always been easy for her and a lot of people have not been happy with her success.

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She said, “When I shared that I made $170,000 in my first year of full-time blogging, I got a lot of congratulatory messages.

“But some were less supportive.

People online said I was wasting my engineering degree, while others suggested I just got lucky with my success.

Now, when I face criticism for my business or my entrepreneurial lifestyle, I don’t allow myself to feel down.”


But the exponential growth of her business proved them wrong, and now Gabby is able to share some of her top tips for turning a side hustle into a successful full-time business.

She added: “The key to success is being self-reliant and learning continuously.

“I regularly applied for corporate scholarships and pitch competitions.

“And to save money by not hiring a web designer, I launched the Packs Light site myself.”

But Gabby notes that building a team was also important once her business had grown.

The content creator says money shouldn’t be your only driver when running a business.

She explained: “It’s more satisfying to be able to say ‘I’m financially free’ or ‘I do what I love every day’ or ‘I’m having an impact.

Enjoy the milestone, but don’t get caught up in the race for your next turnover.

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“To be successful, you need to remember your ‘why’ and keep going. Financial success will eventually follow.”

Gabby Beckford is a digital nomad, travel blogger, content creator and TEDx speaker, follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

Packs Light helps young adventurers discover the world


Packs Light helps young adventurers discover the world1 credit

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