I quit my job to pursue my side business full time and now I earn ‘up to £15,000 a month’ – it’s my passion

A HUSTLER quit his job to pursue his passion for creating vintage lighting and now earns up to £15,000 a month.

Ionut ‘John’ Scarlat makes the lamps from old objects such as cameras, sewing machines, telephones and musical instruments.

Ionut 'John' Scarlat quit his job to continue his stampede


Ionut ‘John’ Scarlat quit his job to continue his stampedeCredit: Instagram
He makes lamps from vintage objects like cameras


He makes lamps from vintage objects like camerasCredit: Instagram
Some lamps are also made from old telephones


Some lamps are also made from old telephonesCredit: Instagram

Ionut, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, told YorkshireLive: “It’s my passion and I love doing it. I use all my free time to create them.

“I loved playing with and building rockets when I was a kid. When I grew up I started seeing a lot of vintage cameras for sale on Facebook and eBay marketplace. So I decided to use to create lamps.”

Ionut started in 2015. He left his job when his business was doing well, but had to find another job when it suffered during the pandemic.

He was selling about 20 lamps a month in February, but was selling as many as 50 at the height of his business.

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It received top reviews from the online company Etsy.

A customer who purchased a lamp made from an old trumpet wrote, “This is without a doubt the best lamp I have received today. I’m in love !

“Packaged so well that it survived some rather rough handling in transit. A wonderful use of an old instrument. Thank you very much!”

Another customer who bought a Kodak camera light said, “There were so many cool lights that it was hard to choose. This light was a perfect gift for a movie lover.

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“John was helpful with a US cord plug conversion, responded immediately and shipped so quickly in such a well packaged package that I chose to present the box as is, with a red ribbon, for Christmas. “

Today we told how a flight attendant gave up the skies to focus on her side hustle and now earns £25,000 a month.

Alexia Grace, 24, says she’s “not missing out” on rude fliers since deciding to quit cabin crew to do racy content on OnlyFans.

The 24-year-old worked for Jet2 and then Costa Coffee, but quit her job as a barista in March 2021 to take naughty snaps instead.

She was only earning £600 a week on the site at the time, but started working eight-hour shifts a day to grow her account – which now earns £25,000 a month.

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Alexia is now looking to buy her first home on a budget of around 200,000 and has enjoyed traveling with her new income – spending six months in Dubai last year and two months in Mexico this year.

She’s earned £270,000 on OnlyFans since the start of June 2020, and even treated herself to a brand new Mercedes worth £25,000 last month.

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