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I quit my job as an engineer at 24 and am now making $170,000 a year from my HOBBY – but my move divides opinion

A THRIFTY entrepreneur quit her job as an engineer to pursue a side hustle that earns her around $170,000 a year.

Gabby Beckford made the career-changing decision at age 24 in 2020 by starting the travel blog Packs Light.


Gabby Beckford quit her job as an engineer and continued her travel blogging businessCredit: Facebook/Gabby Beckford

She launched the site just a week before the Covid-19 pandemic hit and offers advice for young people and women who want to travel alone.

Beckford’s articles and marketing opportunities helped her earn $170,000, but she was criticized for quitting her job as an engineer, CNBC has revealed.

But, despite the criticism, she told the outlet it was the “best decision” she made.

Beckford, now 26, said she didn’t let it get her down when someone questioned her decision to change jobs.

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She added, “Don’t take criticism from people who aren’t willing to bet on themselves and take the risk to pursue their passions in life.”

Beckford works alongside a blog manager and entrepreneurs and she urged budding entrepreneurs who may be considering launching a similar platform to plan ahead.

When she started the blog, Beckford admitted that she didn’t know how to grow her platform.

She said: “I had to find mentors, ask questions and accept failures.”

Influencers took to TikTok where they revealed how they made extra money via a side hustle.

A social media user, known as Heather, made $100,000 in just 3 months.

She said one of the biggest keys to her success was print-on-demand through Etsy.

In a recent video, Heather explained the benefits of using print on demand.

The process allows sellers on sites like Etsy to sell products without printing, packaging, or shipping items.

Sellers can create and advertise custom designs on things like shirts, hats, or mugs, but don’t need to own or create physical inventory.

Once the order is placed, the product is printed and shipped by a third-party supplier.


Her stampede sees her making thousands of dollars in a month without having to leave the comfort of her own home.

Print on demand is also available for sellers on other platforms such as Amazon and Shopify.

TikToker Jared Quackenbush creates marketing campaigns for his clients.

He claims he can make $450 in just 20 minutes doing real estate videography.

Real estate videography is a handy marketing tool for real estate agents.

Quackenbush said you don’t need expensive equipment to get started because his first music video was shot on an iPhone.

Meanwhile, entrepreneur Andrea De La Flor is an affiliate marketer and says her side business earns her between $4,000 and $5,000 a week.

Affiliate marketing can be worth pursuing as the costs and risks are low.

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You promote the companies’ products in exchange for a commission, according to AhRefs.

Experts said that all you have to do is create a website and the business is easy to grow.

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