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I make up to $100,000 a day after quitting my 9am-5pm job

KAT Norton has made over $1 million in the past two years as a financial influencer, and her business started on TikTok.

In 2020, Ms. Norton started a side business to help people learn more about Microsoft Excel.


Ms Norton has won over a million dollars from Miss Excel

She promoted the project, Miss Excel, on TikTok with Excel tips and tricks videos above herself dancing to popular songs.

Before long, Miss Excel had grown enough that Ms Norton decided to quit her job as a consultant and fully commit to her brand.

“My passion for teaching people how to use Excel kicked in — and by February 2021, I was making enough money to quit my 9-to-5 job and grow my business full-time,” she wrote. in CNBC.

A successful crush

Through savvy use of social media and dedication to her work, she has turned her side gig into a profitable business.

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Between TikTok and Instagram, Ms Norton now has more than 1.2 million followers and she has expanded her brand to include free and paid training courses for Microsoft products.

“My business has grown almost entirely on viral social media content,” Ms Norton told The Sun.

“All of my press articles, corporate deals, and partnerships have been inbound leads that have come to me through my content.”

She’s made more than $1 million in revenue — including $100,000 in a single day — since she started selling Excel training courses, she wrote.

Miss Excel courses include training for Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Google Sheets and more, in packages ranging from $49 to $997.

Ms Norton said 95% of her income is passive and comes from the sale of courses.

In an average week, she said she works about 15 hours.

Build the right mindset

In her CNBC story, Ms. Norton shared five books that helped her develop an entrepreneurial mindset and boost her confidence to become a successful entrepreneur:

  1. “Dot Com Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Online Business with Sales Funnels,” by Russell Brunson
  2. “You’re a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero
  3. “Twelve and a Half: Harnessing the Emotional Ingredients for Business Success”, by Gary Vaynerchuk
  4. “Quantum Success: 7 Essential Laws for a Prosperous, Joyful and Prosperous Relationship with Work and Money”, by Christy Whitman
  5. “You have to think to become rich,” by Napoleon Hill.

In the books by Brunson, Vaynerchuk and Whitman, Ms. Norton said she learned many important skills and strategies which she used in her own business.

From Sincero and Hill’s, she found advice that inspired and motivated her to pursue her goals.

“Entrepreneurship is a mindset of ambition, adaptability, confidence and creativity,” Ms. Norton said.

“My biggest piece of advice is to take haphazard action – I see so many people inadvertently blocking their own success waiting for the ‘right time’ to come forward and present their offers.”

Ms Norton described herself as “a shy and anxious person”, but managed to channel her passion for Excel education into a successful social brand.

She posted her first TikTok to Miss.Excel on June 7, 2020 and has posted over 200 videos since.

His account has nearly 800,000 subscribers and his videos have racked up over 1.6 million likes.

“When I first had the vision of me dancing on TikTok with an Excel screen above my head, everything inside of me wanted to resist that crazy idea,” Ms Norton said.

“My mind was screaming ‘You’re 27 and you work for a company – you can’t dance on TikTok!’ but my instinct was like “do the TikTok!”

“If I had chickened out that day, my whole business wouldn’t exist,” she said.

As well as sharing valuable insights, Ms Norton capitalized on TikTok’s algorithm by using popular songs and sounds on her videos to help her gain traction.

His most popular videos have received over a million views, while even his oldest content has garnered at least 15,000 viewers.

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