I make six figures from home – here are 3 scams you can do at night to make extra money

There are tons of lucrative options for those hoping to make more money after 9 to 5.

Andrea De La Flor is making six figures with her remote job, and she’s also sharing how others can do it.

Ths TikToker makes six figures from its remote work


Ths TikToker makes six figures from its remote workCredit: TikTok @andrea.businesshackss
A TikToker has shared some of his favorite websites for finding remote work


A TikToker has shared some of his favorite websites for finding remote workCredit: TikTok @andrea.businesshackss

His work as an affiliate marketer has allowed him to discover several other beginner-friendly remote work options.

In her most recent video, she shared her picks for side hustles that can be done specifically at night.

It’s perfect for those looking to make some extra cash when they quit their daily job.

1. Click on the worker

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The first site Andrea recommended was Clickworker.

Users can choose from several things to do, including writing, participating in research and surveys, and app testing.

You will be hired as a freelancer so you can set your own schedule and only take on the amount of work you think you can handle.

The only equipment needed is a laptop or mobile device and an internet connection.

2. Byron

You can get hired as a virtual assistant through Byron.

Business owners and professionals use the platform to find assistants to complete projects and perform additional work.

You can work on long-term or short-term assignments doing things like marketing, research, and accounting.

The site offers curated assistants for over 100 different skills, so there’s something for everyone.

3. Nexrep

Working as an independent contractor for Nexrep allows you to be your own boss and make your own schedule.

After registering and sharing your interests, Nexrep can help connect you with a client who will hire you as a contractor to help you grow your business.

Nexrep has clients in almost every industry, including fashion, travel and non-profit organizations.

Similar side shoves

This year, as reported by The US Sun, 93% of American workers have a parallel stampede amid high inflation, according to Insuranks.

TikToker Rachel, known as rach_pa, makes videos for her 34,000 followers, detailing her journey through medical assistant school.

“When I’m in college, my loans just don’t cover everything I need and I barely have pocket money,” Rachel said.

His solution was to get involved in market research, which involves conducting interviews and answering questions from online survey companies about consumer products for money.

Secondary hustle involves using market research apps, filling out questionnaires, doing Zoom interviews and focus groups, and answering product questions.

You can also simply complete surveys about your product preferences and get paid.

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