I make $50 an hour with my easy job – the job may seem gross, but I find it really relaxing

An entrepreneur has revealed she earns up to $50 from her pet-inspired side business.

Erica Krupin, from Michigan, said she finds disposing of the waste relaxing, adding that “it doesn’t feel like work”.

Erica Krupin said collecting pet waste doesn't feel like work


Erica Krupin said collecting pet waste doesn’t feel like workCredit: Poopinscoopin.com

She juggled the hustle and bustle alongside her job as a pharmacy technician before quitting her job to launch Kroopin’s Poopin Scoopin in 2018.

Krupin told Side Hustle Nation that the idea for starting KPS came from her husband.

She revealed that he had always talked about trying to start the business before she suddenly decided to pursue it.

And, she thought there was a need for a pet waste disposal business because she didn’t like doing the business for her dog.

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She looked at her friend’s business because she wanted to get an idea of ​​the prices she was charged.

Krupin spread the word by putting up banners at dog parks and handing out business cards and treats.

She initially decided to charge $55 per month for her services, but then decided to try a weekly rate plan.

The shrewd businesswoman earns about $15 per client per week.

She charges $50 for a cleaning and has at least 80 clients on her books.

And it costs $14 a week for one dog or $15 for two.

She revealed that most of her clients pay at least $60 a month.

Krupin customers pay her through Venmo if it’s a one-time appointment, and monthly payments are sent through Square.

She said her handbag started “vibrating like crazy” after she shared ads on social media.

She claimed to have earned up to $6,000 in a single post.

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Krupin has invested in a rake, buckets and trash bags and shelled out more than $400 on a trailer she attaches to the back of her Chevy Cobalt.

She also spent over $60 to register her business.

The businesswoman admitted that it would probably cost her $150 if she wanted to dispose of the poop in a landfill.

Krupin prides itself on its service. She said workers scoop a customer’s yard if “it was theirs,” according to the company’s website.

The cleaners will add water to a dog bowl if there is none and ensure the house is locked before leaving.

Customers can also decide when they want their yard cleaned.

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