I made $12,000 from my pet bustle and even made money while I slept

PET SITTING can earn you thousands of dollars even when you’re sleeping, according to a TikTok influencer.

Kevin Liu, who runs the TikTok channel itskevinliu, has a pet alongside his day job in tech.

Kevin Liu made thousands of dollars pet sitting last summer


Kevin Liu made thousands of dollars pet sitting last summer

His 9,000 TikTok followers follow his adventures as a pet sitter with more humorous videos where he picks out wedding outfits and tries to freeze plant fertilizer.

In this video, Kevin showed how he got himself a massive $12,000+ sitting pet over the summer using the Rover app.

Kevin broke down how many bookings he had per month and how much he was able to pay per month after fees and taxes.

For example, in May, he had 20 sessions in total and earned $2,020.

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After Rover’s fee — which is 20% per job for most users — it cleared $1,887.96, which works out to $94.40 per session.

Sessions included walk-in visits, where Kevin came to care for a pet, and more lucrative home-sitting sessions, where he spent one or more nights at home looking after a pet. them.

In September, he increased house sittings and house sittings with multiple dogs, which boosted his income.

“With a total booking of about 3,400 and after fees, I was left with about $2,900. I was making an average of about $93 per session, which means every night I fell asleep, I was making $93 .”

By the end of the summer, Kevin had raised $12,150.96.

How Rover Works

Although there are many pet sitting apps out there, Kevin chose to work with Rover.

The app connects pet sitters with pet owners nationwide.

If you want to join Rover, you can complete a quick application on their website, which includes a background check.

Once selected, you can start advertising to landlords in your area.

Services include:

  • Boarding-care of pets at your home at night
  • House sitting-spending the night with a pet at the owner’s home
  • Walk-in visits – quick daytime pet visits to owner’s home while away
  • Doggy day dare to take care of pets in your home during the day
  • Walk the dog

While you can determine what you’ll charge per hour, Rover shows you the average rate in your area.

Rover charges 20% per job for new users and anyone who started after March 2016.

The company charges 25% for RoverGo, which gives sitters extra help in building and maintaining a customer base.

And there are plenty of other pet sitting apps to choose from.

Wag, Pawshake and Petbacker are just a few Rover competitors to choose from.

More Side Activity Ideas

There are plenty of side businesses to choose from, and many of them can be done from the comfort of home.

A TikTok influencer made over $31,000 in a month just by buying used books from thrift stores and eBay and reselling them on Amazon.

And a Dollar Tree shopper focuses on finding books at the discount store for $1.25 and turning them to profit on eBay.

No matter your hustle, be sure to report your income to the IRS at the end of the year like Kevin did, or you risk fines.

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Don’t like pets? You might be interested in a side hustle where you watch Netflix.

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