You are currently viewing I have a good job, but I make an extra $300 a month from my odd job – and I don’t even have to lift a finger

I have a good job, but I make an extra $300 a month from my odd job – and I don’t even have to lift a finger

A OWNER has revealed she makes up to $300 a month after renting out her yard to dog owners.

Robyn Heller from California uses the Sniffspot app to earn extra cash.


Homeowners Earned Hundreds More A Month After Renting Out Their Yards So Dog Owners Can Play With Their PetsCredit: Getty
Hosts can offer their yard to dog owners on the SniffSpot platform


Hosts can offer their yard to dog owners on the SniffSpot platformCredit: Getty

It is a tool that dog owners can use if they are concerned about the safety of their pets in a public city park.

Heller first discovered the website about three years ago when a friend brought her dog to her home in Oakland, according to SFGate.

She rents out her yard about 10 times a week and charges $10 per dog per hour, or up to $300 per month.

Heller told the outlet, “I’ve got a good job, it’s really just providing the service.”

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Some tenants reserved his yard for several hours and even had a picnic while the animals had fun.

There is a table and chairs in the garden for guests to relax while their dogs play.

Meanwhile, host Courtney Beck, who has two dogs, thinks Sniffspot is perfect for owners who don’t want to take their pets to a park.

Sniffpot was started by Seattle dog owner David Adams.

He said the idea was born when his wife couldn’t find any parks in Baltimore for her dog to roam freely off-leash.

Hosts can earn up to $1,500 per month, according to the company’s website.

The website claims that it’s more fun for dogs and their owners to have a private space, rather than managing them in a park.

The owners revealed how they rented out features of their property to the public.

Jim Battan from Oregon uses the Swimply online platform and rents out his backyard pool.

He claimed to have earned around $177,000 in less than two years, according to CNBC.

Battan, 57, and his wife Lisa spend around 12-14 hours a week cleaning the pool, managing bookings and testing chemicals in the water.

The pool comes at a cost as Battan has spent over $110,000 building it and over $35,000 maintaining it over the past decade.

He told CNBC he views the pool as an “investment” and takes it “very seriously.”


But, Battan warned that “it takes a long time to learn pool chemistry and management”.

He and his wife receive approximately 26 visits per week and aim to provide good customer service.

It costs $63 an hour for up to five people to rent the pool during the week and up to $79 on weekends, according to its Swimply page.

There is an additional $10 per hour per person after five people.

Swimmers flock to the pool in droves as the family home sits in an idyllic setting.

Swimply is offering hosts up to $10,000 to cover damage costs if a renter is “unwilling or unable to pay the damages”,

The Sun has revealed how ex-mechanic Randall Gibbons, 76, turned his job answering questions on the online forum JustAnswer into a full-time job.

He said he made $25,000 in July 2021 and he already made $100,000 this year already.

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And bursar Kaycie Morwood got into selling clothes while a student at California State University in 2016.

In five years, she earned about $30,000 and used $17,000 to cover her marriage.

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