I fought crime and now I’m making millions with this stampede

Being so successful must be a crime.

A former police officer gave up his job working in the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country for his hustling side. Luckily for him, it worked – he’s since become a multi-millionaire.

Paul Alex, who first joined law enforcement as a detective in the San Francisco Bay Area, spent his days in crime-riddled California neighborhoods.

“I spent years working crazy hours; go after killers, rapists and drug dealers and get shot,” he told JamPress.com. “Sometimes we could only sleep for a few hours and then we had to go back to work.”

The veteran cop has cheated death on several occasions, even witnessing a fellow detective and friend almost accidentally overdose during a drug raid.

Paul Alex with a luxury car
Paul Alex found success after quitting his job as a police officer in California and was able to buy a Porsche Panamera.
Press Jam/Paul Alex

“As soon as we broke down the door, we saw alleged heroin powder flying through the air,” the 34-year-old recalled. “It was fentanyl mixed with heroin, a synthetic opiate, which can be absorbed through the skin, and you can overdose from as little as a grain of salt.”

“Then my boyfriend’s face turned blue and started sweating profusely,” he continued, assuring he ended up being “OK” but the “memories stay with you” forever. “We thought he was dead, but we had [opioid antidote] Narcan… and injected him through his nostrils.

After growing tired of those “normal” days, which often involved investigating murder scenes and hunting down criminals, he chose to start his own business on the side.

Now he owns his own chain of ATMs and has even created a mentorship program to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Now his life has changed – he drives a Porsche, all thanks to his multi-millionaire status, and has amassed 70,000 online followers.

Working overtime with the police earned him a hefty payday of around $250,000, and with that he invested in six ATMs (more commonly known as ATMs), which allowed him to make errands whenever that people were withdrawing money.

Paul Alex as Cop
The former cop said the skills he learned on the force helped him become a better businessman.

He placed the machines in areas with “high foot traffic”, ensuring he would secure at least a few customers.

“With the help of a mentor, in just 18 months, the ATMs were making me between $12,000 and $15,000 a month, on top of my salary,” he said.

The ex-cop now earns millions every year between all of his business endeavors.
Press Jam/Paul Alex

With a few extra bucks in his pocket, he moved to an upscale Bay Area neighborhood, moved into a luxury penthouse, and bought a Porsche Panamera—his “dream car”—showing it off at the police station and wowing his co-workers.

“The guys couldn’t believe it,” he said, adding that even the force commanders couldn’t believe he could afford it. “The joke was like, ‘Wait, this guy came back from narcotics task force, and he shows up in a $100,000 car? He has to sell the drugs he’s confiscating!’

He spent seven years in law enforcement before growing tired of chaos and danger.
Press Jam/Paul Alex

Eventually, Alex left law enforcement in 2021 to focus on his side business, which eventually became his main source of cash.

“The narcotics task force developed me as a leader,” he defended his former employer, saying it made him feel “fearless” to clock in every day. “Being a detective taught me to be level-headed, neutral, even in the midst of controlled chaos, because ultimately that’s what it was every day.”

He brought the skills he learned as a police officer into his own business and now owns 30 ATMs – although he has clients who own 1,400 machines across the country – and made one of his former sergeants the chief operating officer of his company.

Since starting his own ATM business, he bought his dream car and moved into a luxury apartment.
Press Jam/Paul Alex

Alex even started his own mentorship program to help people achieve what he has, and through his company ATMTogether.com he raises $8 million every year.

“What I tell people is that the best officers are people who come from customer service – they know how to talk to the public,” he said. “And in business, it’s the same, people are looking for advice.”

While his days as a police officer are long gone, he clings to the lessons he learned and has no regrets.

Despite the chaos of his job the day before, Alex, intent on tapping into crypto ATMs, doesn’t regret ever serving as a law officer.

“I will always remember my seven years in law enforcement,” he said. “It was one of the best experiences I could dream of.”

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