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How to start a business while working.

I needed to keep things in balance.

I know, we’re all looking for balance, right? But when you’re working full time and trying to take care of a side hustle, you still need to incorporate “me time.”

I haven’t always done this well (if you lean on one thing, you inevitably lean on another, right?) And I may have had very late nights before professional events .

But I have now learned that it is important to incorporate your own rewards to continue.

My rewards for reaching my business milestones include a pedicure, an afternoon to read my book, take a hike, and take a bath with meditation music and candles. Must have candles.

These rewards have helped me reset myself and avoid burnout too often.

There is no “zero to hero”. I found more useful information on this here in 5 Things You Must Do Before Starting A Business.

I needed to save time.

When I started my side business, I knew I had to invest time in the beginning to be efficient and set myself up with processes, procedures, and tools that would serve me well as I grew older. and busier.

A key area I invested time in was sorting through my bank accounts.

This was essential for me because setting up monetary systems is one of the main subjects I teach my clients.

I needed to practice what I preach not only in my personal life but also in my professional life, so that was something I had to nail. Separating your personal and business accounts is an extremely important aspect, on which CommBank provides excellent reasoning (we highly recommend checking as I did).

I know from experience that every dollar counts for side hustles, so I would definitely tell my Lady Startup community to take advantage of CommBank’s business transaction account, which thankfully has a $0 monthly account fee option.

It gives me my business financial status at my fingertips and also allows me to set up smart alerts to help me stay on top of my accounts – it’s free and tells me every time I get money or when I discovered my account. I also access personalized business information through Daily IQ, it’s a tool where I can see my cash flow trends and explore local economic information to discover new opportunities in my area.

I needed to stay focused.

For me, working full time on top of having my side rushed meant getting up (super) early to start a task before work and not being able to finish it until I got home from work. Frustration.

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