How to protect your career against the recession

What does it take to keep your business competitive during a recession? Find out in the latest The Money Podcast where we also discuss what each business needs to do to ensure they are able to keep the doors open.

How to protect your business against the recession
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Recessions have a massive impact on the economy, with many small businesses often going bankrupt as they are unable to stay competitive due to shrinking margins and rising operating costs.

In this episode of The Money Podcastwealth builders and entrepreneurs Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester talk about what it takes to stay competitive during a recession and what every business needs to do to ensure they are able to keep the doors open in these economic times difficult.

This episode also covers some interesting aspects in terms of taking advantage of the recession cycle and encourages business owners to view recessions as an opportunity rather than a hindrance.

If you’re a business owner, this episode of The Money Podcast will provide you with plenty of value and insight from two entrepreneurs who have years of experience. Click below to listen.

Meanwhile, recessions and job cuts go hand in hand because during recessions companies have less money and the result is inevitably job cuts.

So the question is, how can you protect your career against the recession and ensure that you become indispensable in your job?

In the latest episode of The Money PodcastJustin Harrison and Dawie Bester approached this topic from the unique perspective of having been employers for over 20 years and shed light on what it takes to not only keep your job during a recession, but also potentially to make advance your career during these difficult times. economic times.

This episode is full of great advice for anyone who really wants to advance their career, whether as an employee or even as an entrepreneur or freelancer. Click below to listen.

Recently on The Money Podcast on JacPod, Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester tackled electricity prices and discussed which devices use the most electricity in our homes. Some of them can be a very big surprise to the average person.

This episode provides practical tips and advice on how you can lower your electricity bill simply by changing your consumption habits and being mindful of how you use electricity.

If you’re frustrated with your rising electricity bill, this episode is sure to help and shed some light on understanding energy usage. Listen below – it’s a 15 minute listen.

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