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How to motivate yourself and achieve your goals

Having an excuse is a seductive way to not do something you want but are too afraid to act on. If you want to procrastinate, it’s never a good time to start something new, like a job search, asking for a promotion and a raise, or getting involved in some gig-economy side hustle. There will always be a practical reason why now is not the right time.

Most of the time, logic supports your hesitation. You can point to the strains of war, inflation, stock market cratering, and companies slowly starting to downsize. Your family and friends might say to you, “With everything going on, maybe you should wait a bit. »

The problem with this well-meaning advice is that you say you’ll start looking for a job in the summer, but “it’s notoriously slow, so might as well enjoy my summer at the beach.” Time passes and then it’s November. The excuse is now: “Nobody hires during the holidays, it makes sense to wait until the New Year when companies have their budgets and their workforce”.

find your reason

It’s time to get motivated. You can’t keep making excuses. You know you have to act, but keep putting it off. You blame the economy, high inflation, the state of world affairs and whatever else you can point to. But you know the truth: you procrastinate.

If you’re thinking about starting a new job, looking for an internal promotion, going back to school to learn a new skill and trade, or starting a side hustle, there’s a time you need to stop thinking about it. and talk about it and start taking action.

It helps to stay motivated when you have a bigger goal that drives you forward, even when you’re tired and just want to give up. Think about all the reasons you want to find a new job beyond securing employment. The motivation to get a promotion, start a side business, pivot to a new career, find a new job, or go back to school to learn new skills hinges on taking care of your family.

By putting all the time and effort into it, you will feel that it is worth it, because you will be able to provide a better life for your family. The extra money you earn can be spent on your kids’ tuition, buying a home, or saving for a comfortable retirement. As you face obstacles and adversities, having a deeper and more meaningful purpose will propel you forward through difficult times.

Start with a game plan

It’s good to have a goal, but you have to put a system in place. For example, if you want to find a new job, create an action plan. Decide on the type of job you want, the pay grade and the appropriate corporate name. Do you want a remote, hybrid or in-office work style?

The second step is to get started. If you don’t have a CV, prepare one. Update your LinkedIn profile so recruiters, HR, and hiring managers can easily find you. Seek help from career experts, tap into your network to find leads, and create a list of target companies you want to work with.

Next, make a daily schedule. A day can be set aside to search for and respond to jobs online. Another to reach out to your network to solicit leads. Follow the plan throughout the week, dividing up the tasks so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

You can use this basic pattern to search for a promotion. You just need to modify it a bit. Decide what you think is a fair pay raise. Research industry pay standards for the job you want. Check your company’s financial situation, so you know how much you can push for a bigger salary. Armed with intelligence and data, request a meeting with your manager and share all the well-researched reasons why you deserve a promotion and a pay rise.

If it is a concert work or a side work, you can follow the same path. Investigate the type of work you need to do. Ask people who work in this industry how they like it, what to expect in terms of compensation, and what the pros and cons are. Research the technology or app company to make sure it’s reputable.

You may need to change your circle of friends

If you hang out with people who aren’t career driven, who party too much, and who aren’t serious about their future, they can distract you from your goals. You don’t have to part with it completely. Just take some time to not get sucked into their world and drift away from your goals.

Find like-minded, career-focused people. If there is someone in a position you are looking for, take the opportunity to contact them. Tell them you want to play a role similar to theirs. Politely invite them over for a cup of coffee or lunch to discuss how they got to where they are now.

Not everyone will be open-minded. Most won’t answer your call or email. Think of it as a numbers game. If you try to reach a large number of people, there will be at least one or two who will accept the offer. It’s a great way to learn from someone you want to emulate. Learn about their career path, ups and downs. See if they have any openings in their business or if they can point you in the right direction. Join online networking groups to expand your network.

Visualization, positive self-talk, mantras and affirmations

The practice of visualization, mantras, affirmations and manifestations, as well as the effort put in, will contribute to success. Visualization is the practice of seeing yourself achieve your goal. Visualize yourself where you want to be. It could be sitting in a nice corner office in a cool new startup. Replace the incessant negative self-talk with encouraging positive thoughts. Convince yourself that you will succeed. When things look bleak, don’t despair. Instead, think back to all the times you overcame obstacles in the past. Savor and enjoy every little victory along the journey.

Start using mantras. These are phrases that you focus on and repeat throughout the day. It could be “I’m going to get that new job” or “I deserve the promotion and the raise”. Also add affirmations. Assertiveness is the practice of thinking positively about the attributes you possess, such as courage, strength, and determination to succeed. They also help block negative ruminations that keep popping up in your head and are replaced by positive thoughts.

Manifest your destiny. It involves focusing your thoughts on the desired outcome, which will turn your desires into reality. It’s not just about hoping or wishing for something to happen. Mantras rewire your thought process to have an optimistic state of mind.

Constructive criticism

A few changes in the way you speak, your body language, and your mindset could be the difference between getting the results you desire.

Along the way, ask people for their opinions. If you don’t get called back for a second interview or don’t get any offers, ask your recruiter for an honest assessment of how you present yourself. Most people won’t offer feedback for fear of hurting you or being accused of bias. It is not easy to give less than positive feedback.

Consider major league sports. No matter how good a golfer, baseball or football player, there are always coaches to make sure they play their best. The same goes for interviews. You may not know that you seem aggressive or too soft. If you don’t ask for feedback, you’ll keep doing the same thing and you’ll get the same results.

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