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How to make money watching rugby

There are two things you never seem to have enough of: time and money.

Either you spend too much time working and you don’t have as much free time as you would like, or you have a lot of free time, but you don’t have enough money. You don’t think it’s possible to have it all, but what if you could? Have you ever dreamed of earning a little more money by watching rugby? It’s not just a pipe dream; It’s a possibility. Here’s how you can do it.

Start a Side Hussle

If you watch rugby at home, you could manage on the sidelines and earn money while watching your favorite sport. Working from home means you don’t have to stop working to watch rugby. You can become a pet sitter, iron or take online surveys while you watch the game. None of these would hold your attention too much and you could enjoy the match while doing them. It could earn you some extra cash and it could be a fantastic way to combine your income with your love of the sport.

Play online casino games

Online casino games are incredibly accessible. You can play from the comfort of your own home while watching the game. Some online companies pay attractive bonuses that might be worth it. The Play Live casino guides are a great way to find out which sites pay the most and see how hard it can be to win. With sites like Play Live you can even learn how to play roulette and other popular casino games – you can find out more here.

Bet on the game

If you know a lot about rugby, you can always put your knowledge to the test by betting on which team you think will win. You can do this by looking at their form, who is playing in the game, and who you think is likely to win. If you succeed, you could end up making a lot of money.

There are many ways to bet on a rugby match, so you don’t necessarily have to pick the winner. You can bet on the final score, which players will score or the chances of a team succeeding during the season. You will always have a good excuse to watch the games if you have the money on them.

Working at the Rugby Ground

Match days are incredibly busy for many people, especially if there are big games. For example, you will find security guards inside and outside the grounds. Also, the concession staff spend a lot of time running around on game days, and the bar staff are busy too. These jobs may not pay too much, but they will give you a little extra. Staff are usually only busy before and after the game as everyone is watching the game while it is in progress. This means that you will probably be able to watch part of the match yourself without having to pay for a ticket.

Rent your driveway

Parking can be a nightmare near the big rugby pitches. There are so many people who want to park in the neighborhood and not enough places in the official car parks. If you live near a large pitch, there is plenty of money to be made on game days as you can rent out your garage or driveway to visiting supporters. You can do this by advertising your services online and once a supporter finds their way to your alley, they can even make repeat bookings. You don’t need to do much to set this up, so it’s almost like getting free money.

Write about the game

Many clubs need match editors and will gladly pay for the service. This is another way to get free tickets as clubs may want you to attend matches live rather than watching them on TV. You’ll need to have a sharp eye and be able to register who passes the ball and scores goals, but if you like the game it shouldn’t be too difficult.

You could start your own rugby blog and earn money that way. This will put your rugby knowledge to good use and help you connect with like-minded people. You can even take it a step further and create your own vlog. As your audience grows, advertisers can pay you to advertise their products on your blog and this could be an effective way to earn extra money.

Take photos

If you are a good photographer and attend many live matches, take your camera with you. You might be able to get some good moves, especially if it’s an exciting game. You can sell them online and make some money or at least recoup the cost of your ticket.

Become a rugby coach or referee

If you want to watch a game up close, then get involved. This will probably work best if you choose to help the smaller clubs because unless you are a professional rugby player you are unlikely to find a job with one of the big teams. However, amateur clubs are often looking for help and some of them will pay for your services.

Along with your love of the game, you will also need to be in good physical shape, especially if you want to referee, as you will need to have enough stamina to follow the ball. You will also need to be impartial if you want to be a referee, although the same is not expected of you if you are a coach.

If you think about it, there are some fantastic ways to earn some extra cash when watching rugby. It might even pay for all the game tickets and memorabilia you’ve paid for over the years.

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