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How to make money online as a musician

When choosing a side hustle, people’s priorities vary. A third, 34%, of scammers prioritize a gig with a flexible schedule, according to an October 2020 DollarSprout survey of 500 people with side gigs, while 20% prioritize pay.

But what matters most by far is enjoying the work, which 42% say is their #1 priority.

People’s hobbies and passions vary. If you have a creative flair and are looking to turn it into a source of income, there is no shortage of platforms to try. If you enjoy making music, for example, consider offering your services on sites like Fiverr or Twitch.

Here are three people who turned their love of music into money-making hustles.

Sereda earned $4,500/month streaming on Twitch

Sereda, who performs only under his first name, has spent years meeting with label executives in Los Angeles in hopes of finding representation to jump-start his songwriting career. “I came to LA with a dream, and I pretty much failed,” she previously told Grow.

In May 2019, a friend told him about livestreaming platform Twitch, historically dedicated to video game streamers, and suggested he start livestreaming his songwriting and production process. His work was a success. Sereda now has 275,000 subscribers on her channel.

“It attracted an audience of people who love that magical eureka moment where the perfect melody hits the perfect instrumental,” she said.

Twitch allows users to monetize their channels in several ways, including paid subscriptions and referrals. As of September 2021, Sereda’s hours of streaming and dedicated fanbase have helped her bring in as much as $4,500 per month.

Nick Ortega made nearly $200,000 on Fiverr

Nick Ortega, 26, started playing music as a child. He took piano lessons for 10 years and learned to use music production software while still in high school. While in college, he formed a synth pop duo, PRXZM, and the band began touring immediately after graduating in 2017.

Ortega had just moved to Los Angeles in February 2020 when the pandemic hit. He had created a Fiverr profile in 2019 and picked up a few production gigs, but with the shutdown of live performances – a key source of income – he decided to upgrade his Fiverr profile. He hoped to use it to make up for lost money from touring.

Nick Ortega.

Courtesy of Nick Ortega

“From there,” he previously told Grow, “the orders really started coming in.”

For the past few years, Ortega has been able to take on production gigs creating music for DJs, YouTubers, and companies like Hermes. As of March 2022, he had made nearly $200,000 in total on the site.

Michael Burton makes up to $9,000/month on Fiverr

Michael Burton, 37, has always been a rapper. “I actually got kicked off the basketball team in 10th grade,” the native Texan previously told Grow, “and I only had a semester to do nothing. So my cousin and I was like, do you wanna try rapping?

Throughout high school, college, and various call center jobs after college, Burton was still rapping. “It’s always what I do on my breaks, on my free time, on the weekends,” he said. “It never stopped.” But he didn’t know how or if he could make a living doing this.

Michael Burton.

Courtesy of Michael Burton

Burton created a profile on Fiverr in 2015 to try and advertise his services as a rapper. It took a few years to figure out the best way to write for people’s different needs, but by 2017, he was making $3,000 a month from the site.

These days, Burton writes bars for a variety of requests, including birthday raps, cheerleading raps, and even raps for the Netflix show “Dogs of Berlin.” As of March 2022, these various gigs are helping him bring in between $7,000 and $9,000 a month doing what he loves.

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