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How to enlist and what to expect – Vernon Morning Star

For some time now, educational institutions and regulators have been sounding the alarm over the global boom in custom writing services that craft academic papers for money. This industry, although in operation since the 2000s, is now experiencing its golden age. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for its rise is the COVID pandemic. Due to the rise of distance education in the United States, the increase in the number of written assignments and the decrease in control, many more students have opted to hire essay writers in line to meet their study load. In turn, this change has opened a window of opportunity for people who have a good way of putting words together in great academic papers. If you are one of those people looking for a way to capitalize on your talent, joining the club of professional essay writers is something you definitely want to consider. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get a job as a college writer and excel at it.

Professional College Essay Writers – Why Choose This Path?

Choosing a career mainly boils down to three things: what you like to do, what you do well and the advantages/disadvantages of a particular job. Let’s see how these things apply to custom essay writers and affect the choice of career path in academic writing.

Breaking down the first two factors is easy. If you loved writing while in college or university and got high marks for it, these are clear advantages of choosing the essay writer job.

Yet it’s much more complicated with the pros and cons of working in academic writing. On the positive side, we can name:

  • Ease of finding a job. The industry is growing rapidly and, above all, steadily. That said, it offers plenty of opportunities for all categories of aspiring writers. Whether you’re an accomplished expert in the field, a new grad, or even a current student, you’ll stand a chance. Moreover, the online application for the position only takes a few minutes.
  • Be your own boss. You can choose what to write, when to write it, and where – from the comfort of your home, coworking space, cafe, or park. By the way, you can also change employers or leave work at any time.
  • Quick to instant pay raise. If you’re a native English speaker with deeper than average expertise in an academic field, you’ll soon find yourself in the top group of writers earning at least twice as much as regular authors. Or if you are creative and can easily write on behalf of others, you have a good chance of succeeding with the highest paying admissions essay orders.

On the other hand, we can only highlight these disadvantages:

  • If you took control, be prepared to find yourself under constant pressure. The fact is that more than half of the orders have lead times ranging from several hours to 3 days. And you have to deliver. Otherwise, you will not get new tasks.
  • If you’re a narrow specialist, you might end up writing over and over again on the same or related topics. It’s tiring and annoying.
  • Finally, you need to understand that your earnings will vary depending on the season. Autumn and spring are traditionally more fruitful than winter and especially summer.

If the potential gains outweigh the existing disadvantages, you can try it with confidence and pursue the conquest of academic writing. There are two main approaches to finding your place in the sun: get on one or more freelance writer platforms or become one of the staff or outsource article writers to a specialist academic writing company. Let’s take a closer look at these options.

Participate in an established essay writer service

As we have already said, academic paper writing services are on the rise. They are constantly hiring and fighting furiously for the best writers. Working for a reputable and well-organized company comes with the following benefits:

  • Steady flow of orders while allowing flexibility in their application and execution;
  • Free essay writers handle a wide range of issues – from registration to resolving customer disputes and everything in between;
  • Regular payments (usually twice a month via online wallets or a Payoneer card);
  • Bonuses for consistently prompt and diligent work;
  • Saving time and money on marketing and management, which are entirely the responsibility of the company.

At the same time, the biggest disadvantage of working for a writing company is that they will take the lion’s share of the cost of each order.

The main advice here is – don’t rush. It would be a good idea to ping several services, compare what they offer, find a review or two from their past writers, and then decide which works best for you. To apply, you usually need to register your profile on a designated website, upload a document proving your qualifications, take grammar and writing tests, and finally pass the assessment. Once you are approved, you can start taking orders.

Be the army of one of the essay writers for hire

What if you prefer to work alone? Then, exploiting freelance platforms seems the best option. The biggest and most popular freelance websites for writers are,,, The benefits of being self-employed include:

  • Greater flexibility with what and when you write;
  • Higher revenue on each order because you are paid the full cost of the order, except for a small service fee;
  • Two-way street: You can present your offers to potential customers to win their orders and at the same time bid for already available gigs.
  • Easy start – just register on one or more websites.

On the other hand, independent platforms have their own flaws. For example, new writers find it difficult to build a clientele due to high competition and often have to write cheaply to build a portfolio of completed commissions. Plus, finding customers and understanding all the nuances of their orders requires the most valuable resource you have: time.

What do you need to become one of the best essay writers?

Whichever way you choose – working for a writing company or launching your career on a freelance platform – you’ll have to work hard to earn a reputation and compete for the highest paying commissions. Also, before you even start, you need to honestly assess your abilities and learn some crucial skills.

  • Quick writing. This skill is pretty obvious, right?
  • Critical mind. Some think you have it or not. However, we are convinced that this skill can be acquired and developed. To get started, you can take an online course on Udemy or another educational platform.
  • Time management. Blowing the deadline is the worst thing you can do in this job. It is therefore essential to manage your time and your workload well.
  • Ability to write about a subject in different ways. If you are an expert, for example, in financial law, you will have to write about it day after day. So you better learn to avoid repeating yourself.
  • Rapid search. Yeah, maybe, this one only comes with experience. Knowing your subject is great; knowing where to look for information you don’t know is everything.
  • Know the right tools for the job and how to use them. To name a few, this includes a good thesaurus, grammar, readability, and plagiarism checkers.
  • Ability to put oneself in another person’s shoes. Typically, college and scholarship admissions or candidacy essays, as well as personal statements, are the most expensive. With one foot in this niche, you will save a lot of time with each order.
  • Communication skills. Make no mistake: sooner or later, you will have a dispute with a client. And how you handle it can define your career as a freelance writer, because just one negative review can cut it short.

Once you master these skills, you have the green light to join the club of professional essay writers and work on your terms.

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