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On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the Allies and Germany put an armistice into effect which unofficially ended the First World War. Although the Treaty of Versailles was not signed until June 28, 1919, it was November 11. , 1918, which gave rise to what we now call Veterans Day.

Although the official name and dates have changed over the decades following the original concept, including the change from Armistice Day to Veterans Day in 1954, the meaning and significance of the federal holiday, just as the brave men and women who fought under the guise of liberty and liberty, remained steadfast, resolute and unchanged.

The military in the United States is generational, many of those serving today are the nieces and nephews, sons and daughters or grandchildren of those who served before them.

For this reason, Kristen Joblon, Professor of United States History in Sheffield, has organized a Veterans Day assembly that Sheffield students and community veterans can attend.

Joblon is a former Navy aviator and the daughter, granddaughter, brother and niece of servicemen from various branches. None are more important than his father John Elms and his grandfather Paul Camp, who both served in the navy.

“Because I was in the military and have a lot of family members in the military, I think it’s important for kids to see the importance of honoring the people who have sacrificed so much for that we can have the life that we lead”, said Joblon, who jumped at the chance to organize the assembly when asked if anyone wanted to volunteer. “I enjoyed my time in the military. You build lifelong bonds with these people. It’s like your family. It’s a job, a duty to your country, but at the same time you build relationships with people in the military that you can’t in the civilian world.

The Veterans Day assembly will consist of elementary school students performing You’re a Grand Old Flag, Sheffield student Brady O’Donnell will read an original speech, and guest speaker Thad Turner, former Navy SEAL and Current executive director of the Warren County YMCA will be a guest speaker for the event.

“I feel like the best message I can give them is the idea that, probably, veterans are a very diverse group,” Turner said of how he plans to approach elementary, middle and high school on Friday. “The first person that might come to mind is a guy running with a gun, but veterans have served in all different capacities all over the world with different backgrounds and genders and everything. So I’m going to try to get them to understand that and help them understand the importance of survival, and maybe a little more simplistically, but the survival of civilization on people committed to service and without that, things like the United States and things that are important to us will no longer be there.

Joblon encourages all veterans in the community to attend the meeting which begins at 1.45pm sharp at the Sheffield Area High School gymnasium. Participants will be required to bring photo ID and enter the school at the elementary or high school entrance.

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