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Here are 5 stable jobs that pay surprisingly well in the United States

People from any historical period want to have a stable competitive salary, flexible working hours, and work should bring unique benefits to society. And the issue of career education is sensitive even for children.

In any field, even the most seemingly unpopular, there will be a place where an employer will like you. Your experience and knowledge will find expression in a decent salary.

Anyone who does not seem to have talent will be able to find a well-paying job. But just look through the vacancies.

Such work can be:

1. Personal trainer

Income depends on the equipment of the gym where you will work or your price level if you plan to be an individual entrepreneur.

The level of your professionalism is also of great importance. It is not enough to know the basics of fitness. Many people want to see a psychologist inside the coach. Communication with the client often goes beyond the professional.

Of course, your services will not be requested if your body is not in good shape. Therefore, you must first love sports, then your work.

Note that this profession is probably one of the most accessible. It is not necessary to have completed higher education. A certificate issued by non-governmental organizations would suffice.

The certificate allows you to obtain appropriate insurance.

The annual minimum wage is $23,000 and can reach close to $100,000 per year.

2. Tour guide

Exciting work for creative and active people. If you know your city or country and want to share that knowledge with people, this is a job for you.

What qualities should you have:

  • communicativeness. The number and quality of people you will need to work with will vary. The ability to connect with them will be your most significant benefit. You will have to answer questions. A lot. Often. You must like to talk.
  • public speaking. Clear speech and a good voice will only be a plus. People need to hear from you, especially if you’re working with a large group.
  • good will and politeness. Every customer is first of all very demanding. The ability to smooth things over and satisfy the customer’s needs will help you get a good review and improve your rating compared to the rest of the guides.

The salary can depend on the number of circuits sold and can reach $60,000. It all depends on your efforts.

3. Sales representative

Any industry can offer such a vacancy. Your success depends on your ability to trade and negotiate. What high income skills should a sales rep own? We think they mainly belong to the following categories:

  • attention to detail;
  • desire to learn;
  • communication skills;
  • patience;
  • perseverance.

All you have to do is convince the buyer to buy the goods from the company you work for. You must accompany the process from the choice of goods by the client to the closing of the transaction. Such a job often has a flexible schedule. So you can work even on weekends.

The salary you can expect is $40,000 per year. And again, only your diligence and level of perseverance will determine what you achieve.

4. City Guide Editor

The profession is very much related to creative writing skills. Many magazines in the United States pay freelancers to create city guides around their home towns. This can be a description of the author’s favorite places, cafes, restaurants, parks and rest areas. There may also be suggestions for morning, noon and evening hobbies, what to visit. Descriptions should be creative and engaging. They should make the reader want to take advantage of the advice you’ve provided. These places should arouse interest.

The text must also meet the requirements of different categories of readers, from historians to gourmets.

As you can imagine, this type of work is perfectly suited to travel. It will allow you to open new places, broaden your horizons and maintain your professional level. This is a great job for a beginner freelancer.

How much can you earn?

Depending on the quality of the work done, you can earn anywhere from $10 to $1000 for just one article!

5. Game Programmer

Video and computer games in the modern world are of particular importance. They allow you to relieve stress, relax and have fun. We expect the market share of gaming platforms to increase tremendously in the coming years.

What could be better for a real gamer than to combine his job with his favorite hobby?

However, you must have the proper programming skills to do such a job. This, however, is not given to everyone. You must be aware of and responsible for creating the video game code.

You should note that you will need a good computer for such work.

The average salary in the United States is around $80,000. But that doesn’t mean you can’t freelance and make money entirely from your business skills. Taking into account the various bonuses, bonuses and tips, your income can amount to up to $100,000 per year.


As you can see, some of these occupations fit the remote business model. This implies that employees work from home or any other location. Such work can also be freelance. This job has many advantages, but there are also weaknesses.

First of all, it is not easy to create a sense of belonging. The employee is estranged from the office, colleagues and superiors. Communication is based on modern means of communication. However, this cannot cause a person to work psychologically.

Second, there are always opportunities for fraud. A dishonest employer may not pay wages and miscalculate hours of work. It can even create illegal documents such as fake payslips to hide its violations.

Suppose you haven’t received your payment or you have doubts about the completeness of the charges or the legality of the deductions. In this case, it is worth checking with your employer.

False payslips are distinguished from real ones by the presence of spelling or calculation errors, the dissimilarity displayed with the bank card statement, the use of round numbers or the absence of necessary accessories.

Take care of remote work and choose a profession where you can verify your employer or client.

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