You are currently viewing “Have mercy on them, student life should be fun” – M’sian praises students who work part-time, but some disagree

“Have mercy on them, student life should be fun” – M’sian praises students who work part-time, but some disagree

Although education is important and often a priority for most students, sometimes time and energy should be spent trying to earn some form of income through part-time jobs and side businesses to maintain their way of life.

Twitter user @najihahshahrel recently used the app to share his status proud of students who work part-time or have hustle and bustle for earn some money to survive.

In a tweet, she wrote: “Students these days are very hardworking. Most of those I meet often have a part-time job or a side job. »

“The part-timers I hire are packing parcels while taking online classes. Very smart. During breaks, they’ll be doing homework or studying. I’m proud to see these kind of students.

Some users praised these students and shared their own experiences

The tweet went viral and is currently on more than 11,000 likes and 3,160 shares. Some users have used the comments section to congratulate these students as well as share their own experiences to have to do the same.

One user said: “I worked in the restaurant business and as a weekend promoter. I did all my assignments during the week.”

“Although my results weren’t great, I’m glad I managed to earn a lot of money, know a lot of people and gain useful knowledge. Worth it,” the user added.

“During my first year, I studied while working part-time at my university’s kiosk, I managed to earn some money. During Covid, during classes, I was working in a restaurant. The experience is great even though I worked before I was supposed to“, commented another user.

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“I love reading this tweet! I always hear people condemn students these days for being too spoiled but not all of them are,” one netizen said.

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Others have condemned the practice

However, not everyone seemed to agree with the tweet. Some users think that students should not work and should focus only on their education.

“Have mercy on them… student life should be fun and not working class“said one user.

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Another said: “As much as I respect this attitude in our students, I am concerned, what happened to our economy or our families in our country?”

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Meanwhile, some users condemned the tweet for glorifying the practice and says it’s not something that should be standardized.

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What do you think of this practice? Let us know in the comments.

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