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Americans are traveling again.

In many cases, these journeys, whether business or leisure, begin and end at airports. While many people find dealing with airports frustrating, the journey to and from the airport doesn’t have to be.

That’s where the Eight Black Airport Shuttle comes in.

Eight Black is an independent company based right here in Colorado. They own and operate several businesses, including the largest airport shuttle service in Boulder County, several private black car services, and a globally recognized executive protection and security consulting firm.

Eight Black was founded by Simon Chen, an Australian-born businessman who has lived in the United States for over ten years. He started Eight Black in Longmont, which today serves as an airport shuttle service, as well as a black car transport operator, events company, security company and concierge service provider.

Recently, Eight Black acquired Green Ride’s shared shuttle service between Denver International Airport and Boulder/Longmont area residences, businesses and hotels. Now operating as Eight Black Airport Shuttle, they have also integrated their own shuttle services formerly known as Longmont Shuttle and Boulder Shuttle. This has allowed them to expand their reach and range of services to visitors and residents.

When asked what makes Eight Black different, CEO Simon Chen replied, “It’s called the ‘missing 10%.’

It’s our team’s determination to work harder, anticipate your needs and meet you with a smile every time you use us. From landing to takeoff, we’ve got you covered. “We are proud to be a local Boulder County business. Our vehicles and drivers are based here. We wanted to provide a cost effective yet great value shuttle service to and from Denver International Airport. A service you can truly rely on.

A ride with Eight Black Airport Shuttle means premium service supported 24/7 by a team of highly trained customer service professionals.

A commitment to the community
Chen and his team of drivers have been instrumental during the pandemic in supporting the needs of the struggling community – everything from providing toilet paper, running groceries and transporting people to and from appointments. vaccination. They provided all these services for free. Equally important, shuttle operations never closed, even when the pandemic was at its peak and daily customers were in the single digits.

Now, as restrictions ease, they’re starting over and will soon be donating two vehicles to deserving charities.

Chen explains why. “During the acquisition of Green Ride and upgrading our current fleet, we will be retiring vehicles that are still in good working order. Over the next few months, we will be donating these vehicles to charities or nonprofits that can make the best use of it.We’ll be scattering one in Boulder and one in Longmont.

The acquisition of Green Ride is the company’s newest venture and it was made to serve the community with even greater efficiency. As former Green Ride owner Ross Alexander envisioned a respite for the company, he and Chen were able to strike an acquisition deal within hours of the meeting and completed the deal within two weeks.

“We both believed that a single service would provide the best stability and more opportunities for the communities we serve,” Chen says. “Eight Black has hired a lot of the core Green Ride team and made sure those jobs stay here locally. We learned a lot from our new teammates, and they learned a lot from us. Everything was win-win. »

Chen continues, “I have huge respect for Ross Alexander of Green Ride. He built a great business. We consider it an honor to carry on this legacy. Ross and I were polite competitors, but after the acquisition we became friends. Alexander will continue to operate his charter and events business under the new name of Green Ride Charter Services.

Although Eight Black has taken a few hits during the pandemic, the diversity of the brand
(black car service, event transportation, weddings, security, etc.) isolated the brand from fallout shock. In fact, the company has seen rapid growth in 2021, and Chen hopes to continue its success through 2022 and beyond.

“The main thing for us, always,” Chen concludes, “is doing the right thing for the people of Boulder County. We pride ourselves on providing a clean, efficient, cost-effective, and safe ride to the airport or your event. We have military and first responder discounts. It’s all about doing the right thing for the community.

We also aim to be the first shuttle operator in Northern Colorado to operate electric vehicles – and have already begun testing an all-electric Ford Transit shuttle – made by LightningEMotors of Colorado. Chen says, “We have no choice but to switch to an all-electric fleet. We are aware of the environment and our carbon footprint. Electricity is the right thing to do”.

Booking with Eight Black Airport Shuttle
Arranging a ride with Eight Black Airport Shuttle is simple. Visit or one of their other related shopping sites to get started. Their premium booking software will easily guide you through the process.

When you deserve a quick, courteous and safe ride to and from the airport, the locally owned and operated Eight Black Airport Shuttle is there.

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