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Glasgow tops UK survey of young people taking up secondary activities

Young people in GLASGOW lead the way in the UK in terms of secondary restlessness, with over 43% of 20-35 year olds having an existing side business or occupation in addition to their regular job, well above average national by 37%.

The findings are part of a UK survey of 1,500 young people commissioned by the Open University (OU). The study also found that despite the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic, accompanied by a spike in business and the cost of living, young people in Glasgow are undeterred, with almost half (47%) , keen to start their own business in the next few years, compared to just 41% in the rest of the UK.

However, Glasgow failed to proactively take the next step and seek the education and qualifications needed to start their dream career. While young people in Glasgow are very keen on a career change into something completely different from their current role (42% vs 36% national average), only 29% of those polled admitted they were likely improve, compared to the national average of 39%.

To help inspire these potential young entrepreneurs, showing them the realities of a new career, as well as potential solutions to problems they may encounter, OU is launching an “Unlock Your Inner Boss LIVE” challenge broadcast on its networks. socials on wednesday 25and May.

The interactive session will see The OU put TV and radio presenter Gemma Cairney through her paces leading a new venture for the day. Alongside online viewers who will be invited to contribute and vote on Gemma’s business decisions, she will have experts and entrepreneurs to help her, many of whom have turned their original hustles into successful business careers.

Marie Hendry, Deputy Head of the Open University in Scotland, said:

“It’s great to see the positive entrepreneurial attitude of young people in Glasgow. Many young people know they have the potential to do bigger and better things, but as the survey shows, they don’t know how to get to their dream job. We hope that OU can be the solution to the problems that some of the younger generations are facing. Flexible study schedules give OU students the opportunity to “earn while they learn” and provide a chance to upskill to land their dream job while pursuing a business. idea at the same time.

Gemma Cairney, host of OU’s “Unlock Your Inner Boss” LIVE challenge, said:

“I’m thrilled to take part in OU’s ‘Unlock Your Inner Boss’ LIVE Challenge and be put to the test, as my own boss in a new ‘company.’ It’s great to see that the young people today have such a positive mindset about feeling entrepreneurial – they clearly want to take control of their careers and many are planning their own hustles. Hope watching me in the UYIB challenge will show that everything everyone is capable of achieving their dream job, with the right mindset and the right support. I have always considered myself to be entrepreneurial and look forward to seeing the challenges that the day will give me!”

One of the experts supporting Gemma in her challenge is David McIntosh, apprentice management consultant and chairman of the UK Social Mobility Network at KPMG, who studied with OU. In his spare time, David also hosts his own successful business podcast “The Development by David Podcast” from his home town of Prestwick.

Speaking of Unlock Your Inner Boss LIVE, David McIntosh said:

“This session should be fun, but also quite insightful, covering a wide range of business challenges, from leadership and efficiency to technology, which will genuinely help people looking to identify their knowledge gaps and areas they need to enhance their career ambitions before. As someone who launched my career with an accounting degree from the OU out of high school, I appreciate the critical role that personal development can play in shaping of your career. It is something that fascinates me and that I defend today.

Tune into the Open University’s Unlock Your Inner Boss LIVE – The CEO Challenge starting at 11am on the 25thand May and watch Gemma complete the challenge live Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube #OUInnerBoss.

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