Get your Side Hustle ON! Best jobs to earn extra income

Amy Dickerson, center, a Detroit-based CEO/career consultant and certified coach at Blue-to-Green Coaching, talks about side gigs and hustle.

After working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., are you late? Most Americans are not.

Nearly 93% of Americans are working side jobs in 2022, according to information from Insuranks, an insurance marketplace for small businesses. About half of the participants need a hustle to cover their monthly bills.

In 2020, many career paths have come online to meet the ever-changing needs that the pandemic has brought as budding entrepreneurs and professionals seize and/or create these opportunities.

Bloomberg reported that the pandemic has prompted hungry entrepreneurs and employees, many of whom are already working from home, to take a scramble or two or three.

Bloomberg also noted that according to the US Census, the number of new business applications is also on the rise.

Even in this region, 2020, as difficult as it has been, many have dubbed it the year of the entrepreneur — and it still is, especially since black women make up 42% of new businesses owned. owned by women — three times the size of the female population — and 36% of all black-owned businesses, according to a Forbes article. Even those who accept jobs that have already been created still shine and navigate the midst of economic uncertainties.

Amy Dickerson, Detroit CEO/career consultant and certified coach at Blue-to-Green Coaching, told the Michigan Chronicle that the gig economy has been around for about 20 years and is described as bundling multiple non-full-time jobs into one. to create a. full time income.

“It’s the basis of the gig economy,” Dickerson said, while a side hustle is something that’s done on the side to bring in extra revenue. “Also, sometimes [we use the side hustle] to give us an outlet for our creativity – for the things we would really like to do.

According to, there are plenty of scrambles to consider, here are the top 10:

  1. Rent your vehicle

With apps like Education, HyreCarand Hagerty DriveShare individuals can list their car for rent in available cities. It’s similar to the concept of an Airbnb but with a vehicle.

“Every time we traveled, we chose a category of rental car and didn’t end up with the car we wanted,” says Daniel Vega, a business growth strategist, in the article. “We went to with Turo In place.”

  1. Consider being an online coach

According to the article, the online training and education industry will be valued at $243 billion in 2022, by the data communication company Statista.

“What’s exciting is that you can use the skills you already have and coach others,” says Meredyth Mustafa-Julock, CEO of Coach Jennie, in the article. “You can get certified or share your skills and experiences,” she says. “Online coaching can be great if you enjoy solving problems and working with people.” The overhead to run an online coaching business is minimal, and you can charge per hour or per month to create recurring income.

Other side hustles include:

  1. Create passive income through real estate.
  1. Offer services available in person.
  1. Create a YouTube channel.
  1. Monetize the property through Airbnb.
  1. Sell ​​a product online.
  1. Freelance.
  1. Launch a newsletter / paid subscription.
  1. Promote other brands and receive commissions.

Dickerson told the Michigan Chronicle that while side gigs are growing in popularity, they aren’t always promised and if they’re here today, they could be gone tomorrow.

“Overall, it’s not promised – they’re really looking for their next gig until they’re able to connect to an opportunity that gives them plenty of time,” Dickerson said of winning. money.

However, the pandemic has reversed the trend of these side gigs – creating a more inclusive and lucrative economy with even more opportunities.

“I think what the pandemic did was the high point for people who thought they couldn’t do it with just concerts; it shows them that you can – you have to be very strategic and you have to realize … that you’re running your own personal business,” she said, adding that they’re their own CEO. “I think the pandemic has allowed them to see yes they can do it and the pandemic…has really encouraged a lot of people to get out there and find ways to do what they’ve always wanted to do.”

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