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Freelancers, here’s how you can make a lot of money

The field of freelancing can sometimes be overwhelming, chaotic and just plain unpredictable! To be successful here, it is important not only to know your value, but to make sure you are part of the niche content club.

This means that you choose to write simply on subjects generally more complex and technical. By doing so, you train yourself to acquire the right skills to become a specialist freelance writer.

the subject or type of content you write is what will ultimately determine how much you will earn. And let’s face it…we everything want to earn a little more!

In most cases, writers will take the easy way out by writing about the most fun the subjects. But why not choose an industry where customer demands are high and writers are few? In plain English, more qualified you are into a certain type of content, the more you can to win.

Feel ready to get your niche on? Well let media updateJana van der Westhuizen helps you find out what kind of content is trending, what you can earn by improving your skills, and how to tackle a specific topic.

Here are some of the main types of content and their income Explain:

Case studies

Writing case studies not only benefits you (because you get paid per word), but it also helps drive sales for the brand you are writing for. When a brand publishes cutting-edge search content, it becomes a product that other companies or people want to align their methods with.

When writing a case study, you need to capture the concept of what you write. The main features you should focus on are:

  • explain the problem that the case study is trying to prove
  • present a solution to the mentioned problem
  • prove your point by aligning it with industry statistics and results, and
  • give a solid conclusion and tie all the points together.

Because case studies require a writer to research and write in a more technical way, there aren’t many writers in this industry. This influences the demand and supply of the market you want to join. Popular topics in this industry include financial or medical in writing.

Saying that, the nature of case studies causes the total word count to vary depending on the problem you are trying to solve. Case studies can have a word count of 500 to 10,000 words or more.

For technical pieces including research and skill development that must take place before a case study is written, a freelancer should be paid between R2 and R4 per word. Ching, Ching!

Website Writing

Writing content for a website, landing page or blog is a bit trickier because you have to say more with fewer words — and keep it hitting!

The e-commerce market is at an all-time high. More and more companies are trying to attract people by designing platforms where they not only sell their products but also leave a lasting impression after consumers have browsed their websites.

This is a more specialized type of writing as you will need the following to write striking website content:

  • an understanding of what you sell
  • complete grammar
  • concise writing that aligns with the overall purpose of the website
  • emphasis on the benefits and key features of the product or offering
  • SEO-optimized copywriting, and
  • catchy titles that make it easier for the consumer to navigate the website.

Your work experience, time frame and complexity of the project will influence the price, but generally you will bill your client per page and not by word.

Therefore, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what is expected from you for each page. For example, a landing page is a much less copy-intensive structure than the about us page, so you can’t charge the same for each page.

For example, if you’re writing medical copy for a pharmaceutical company that explains and sells its drugs, it will involve you doing research, learning the terms, and then writing copy for each product. This is takes time and requires skill.

For something like above, you can charge (depending on how long it takes) between R3,000 and R4,000 per page – whereas a landing page can range from R900 to R1,500.

So, do your research before quoting your client!

E-learning courses

With the Covid-19 pandemic, e-learning has seen immense growth. People have started to realize that home learning and online courses are a way to enrich their knowledge and achieve your career goals even faster.

This not only takes into account people who want to learn more, but also families who want to home school their children.

To write e-learning modules, make sure that you:

  • understand the subject — you must to learn someone a concept with just the words and knowledge you use.
  • keep it informative but understandable.
  • collaborate with the platform you’re writing for to keep their style and voice present in your writing – even if it’s an academic piece.

Academic content like courses or eLearnings is similar to case studies, where the topic will determine the duration of the writing process.

the Easier the concept and the less research it is necessary, the cheaper it will be. In areas such as education, software, finance, technology, and digital marketing, sometimes longer items are needed because you need more time to explain a concept. Most courses should be interactive with videos, Q&As and supplemental booklets on the subject.

The average amount you can charge — given your experience and knowledge of the matter — is between R2 and R4 per word. not bad to everything!

So what are you waiting for? Accept niche freelance jobs!

Are you a freelancer looking to expand your expertise within the industry? Then share your thoughts on it in the comments section.

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