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Fort Frye School Board Talks Curriculum | News, Sports, Jobs

Freshman Brody Garvin gave a presentation on his school trip to Denver, Colorado at the Fort Frye School Board meeting at Salem-Liberty Elementary School on Thursday. (Photo by James Dobbs)

LOWER SALEM — The Fort Frye School Board met Thursday and discussed the curriculum, the Students Against Violence Everywhere club and driver training for students.

Grade 1 teacher Amy Kilburn and Kindergarten teacher Stephanie Fobes presented on the results of the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness K-2 program.

The program was first introduced and tested by teachers in 2020 and was implemented in the district during the 2021-22 school year. Heggerty Phonemic Awareness is a 35-week program based on researching daily phonemic and phonological awareness lesson plans.

Kilburn said phonemic awareness is the ability to identify and manipulate sounds. She said it provides students with daily opportunities to develop their awareness of phonemes and their mastery of mixing, segmenting, adding, deleting and substituting syllables and phonemes and rhyming.

“You really took a lot of leadership with the implementation of the program,” said Stephanie Starcher, Superintendent.

Amy Kilburn, left, a first-grade teacher, and Stephanie Fobes, right, a kindergarten teacher, presented on the results of the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness K-2 program at the Fort Frye School Board meeting at the Salem-Liberty Elementary School. (Photo by James Dobbs)

Karri Schilling, vice chair of the board, said her son had practiced the Heggerty program last year in kindergarten and had learned a lot.

“It was amazing,” she says. “He learned so much…”

Brody Garvin, president of the Student Promise Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) club and freshman at Fort Frye, gave a presentation on a trip he was invited to take in July. Garvin was selected to travel to Denver, Colorado to serve on the Youth Advisory Council and meet with SAVE club members from across the country. He was one of 13 students selected for this honor. Students participated in team building activities, gave presentations, and discussed real-world and mental health issues.

“We had fun and learned a lot” he said. “It was awesome.”

Garvin said he is thrilled and hopeful that the SAVE Club of Fort Frye can participate in the SAVE Promise Club National Youth Summit this year. At the Youth Summit, student leaders come together in April and show how to prevent violence and connect with each other. They were previously invited, but were unable to attend due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ohio Valley Educational Service Center (OVESC) and Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center (MVESC) have collaborated to develop and implement driver education programs in 15 school districts, Fort Frye being one of them .

The board has approved OVESC employee Richard Hall and MVESC employee Homer Weekley as driver instructor trainers, authorizing them to train students and drive the driver training vehicle owned by the district.

The board also approved a Flex Credits proposal for the program that awards students who pass the driving course a 0.5 credit toward graduation.

Starcher said the district was having trouble finding driving instructors. She said the program should start in mid-September. Anyone interested in becoming a driving instructor can contact Starcher at 740-984-2497 or OVESC at 740-439-3558.

The next Fort Frye School Board meeting will be at Lowell Elementary School at 6 p.m. on September 20.

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