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Explanation of the end of Mo: how Mo reached Mexico?

month is a semi-autobiographical Netflix comedy series about a man in Texas who straddles the line between two cultures, three languages, and a pending asylum claim while scrambling to support his Palestinian family. Created by comedians Mo Amer and Ramy Youssef, there are 8 episodes in total with a running time of around 30 minutes.

The Najjar family have lived as asylum seekers in the United States for two decades and have yet to obtain their citizenship. Without legal papers, Mo gets fired from his job, which leads him to work with shady side hustles to support his family. But for him, moving forward in life comes with several setbacks.

Explanation of the end of the month

It all starts with Mo Najjar losing his job at the phone repair shop after an ICE raid made his boss reluctant to keep an employee who doesn’t have citizenship. He begins selling counterfeits of major brands as a side business while working as a DJ at a strip club. Of course, he keeps it all a secret from his family.

Also, he gets shot while buying cat food at a grocery store and becomes addicted to codeine. At first it was to numb the pain of the injury but soon he begins to abuse the substance to swallow the bitter truth about his father’s torturous death and the guilt of not being able to provide for the family.

On the bright side, new attorney Lizzie Horowitz looks promising and may be able to help the Najjar family gain citizenship. Mo also finds stability in a new gig at the olive farm, until a merchandising deal goes south involving drug cartels. Hoping to expand the store, his girlfriend Maria meets with an investor but the pitch doesn’t go as planned.

From reuniting with his estranged sister to rescuing his autistic brother from his work accident, more pressure is building up on him. Meanwhile, flashbacks to his family’s past reveal the situation they fled and how they arrived in the country after so many struggles and going through dangerous situations.

They are even so close to obtaining citizenship when the judge turns out to be an acquaintance who knew his father. But due to this he is unable to continue and again their process is delayed. Saddened by this, Mo is about to as Maria broke up with him as well, as she couldn’t trust him with all the hiding and lies about his job.

Her mother, however, tries to come to terms with Maria and even starts her own olive oil business. Watching how his family keeps moving forward and isn’t entirely dependent on him, he confesses what he was doing and tries to make a deal with the owner of the olive farm to set up a refinery.

Always from Mo
Always from Mo

He promises to bring back the stolen olive trees using the fake olive tree tracker he had put on. But he and Nick end up trapped in the thief’s truck which takes away the plants and transports them to Mexico. Nick being a legal citizen can cross the border easily, but without any legal papers, Mo is an illegal immigrant and may get in trouble because of it.

Also, the thief turns out to be Manny, another olive farm worker and listening to Mo’s traumatic past, he lets him take over 3 olive trees and make a deal with the coyotes who help Mexicans without legal papers cross the border. . But just as things were going on the right track, the coyotes get attacked by their enemy gang.

Frightened by all the chaos, Mo steals a bike and starts running from them. This tricks the coyotes into believing he is with the enemy gang and therefore begins to pursue him. At the end, he calls Maria as he is being chased by gangsters. From the looks of it, Mo is set for another roller coaster ride, until he can reach the United States, only if he is able to escape the coyotes.

month is currently streaming on Netflix.

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