Exit Opportunities: Exit Audit and Start Influencing

£3,000 ($3,600) per month. That’s what Tanvi Shah gained in auditing before deciding to leave Big 4 for good and make her side of social media a full-time gig.

Insider has the details:

Shah said that before he quit his job at the company, dealing with side hustle made him feel like he was having a double life. She realized that former managers were checking her messages and that made her cautious. “I felt like I was Hannah Montana coming home from work and doing something completely opposite, but I’m multifaceted.”

From what we can piece together without spending all day crawling on LinkedIn, she started at PwC in 2016 as a banking and capital markets partner, was promoted to senior partner after three years, then left in 2021 to work for KPMG, assistant management consultant for a year [sauce: this website].

It doesn’t look like she’s making a lot of money from it, but then again, she wasn’t making that much before either.

“The aim has been to match my salary of £3,000 ($3,600) a month. The charge for a post starts from £200 ($242), but sometimes a big brand will opt for a content package , such as an Instagram reel and a TikTok video.The biggest deal was £1,500 ($1,819) for a brand that wanted three pieces of content.

According to her, the real motivating factor was better mental health. “When I’m working for myself as a creator, I can manage my mental health by setting boundaries,” she told Insider. “If I decide for a week that I can’t work, I won’t be paid out because of last month’s earnings.”

In a YouTube video explaining why she left Big 4, she specifically mentions her busy final season pushing her over the edge. “I’ve done a few busy seasons before and I always felt like the hours were long, but they were manageable, but this time I really felt like those hours weren’t manageable anymore” , she said. [4:45].

a screenshot of the number of hours worked by a Big 4 auditor during peak season
sound familiar?

Before she started putting more effort into her content, she had a modest 5,000 followers on Instagram. That doubled to 10,000 at the start of the pandemic and she now has 38,000 followers on Instagram and around 70,000 on TikTok. Only 3.7,000 subscribers on YouTube, but whatever.

So this is it. Who needs six-figure deals when you have Instagram? Remember to ignore enemies.

a screenshot of a Tanvi Shah Tattle thread

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This 26-year-old influencer quit her job at a Big Four accounting firm to become a full-time content creator [Insider]

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