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Edgewood ISD teacher loses job over music video

District says the behavior will not be tolerated.

SAN ANTONIO — Cellphone video, filmed by a sixth-grade student, is shaky and somewhat blurry, but the words captured on the recording are crystal clear.

A teacher from ET Wrenn Middle School in Edgewood’s IDE can be heard saying to a young student, “The mere fact that you exist annoys me! You’re a boring human being!”

The clip is short and school officials did not say what was going on in the classroom before Monday’s explosion, but the results were immediate.

On Tuesday afternoon, Keyhla Calderón Lugo, District Marketing and Communications Manager, issued the following statement:

“Edgewood ISD has become aware of a video showing a teacher speaking to a student in an unprofessional manner. Immediate action has been taken. The staff member is no longer an employee of the district. not core to the district’s values ​​and will not be tolerated.”

People who know the young boy say he recently lost his home to a fire and his family is facing other hardships. At a time when he should have been treated with compassion, he was instead criticized.

Pamela Allen of Eagles Flight Advocacy operates a pantry operation for the needy in the Edgewood District.

Allen said when a local pastor shared the video with her and asked what to do to help the distraught father and son, she called a district official who immediately looked into the matter.

“I couldn’t believe some of the things he was saying! You wouldn’t tell anyone that! Allen said, adding “That was just awful to hear!”

Knowing the difficult times the family has faced, Allen said his first instinct was to comfort the couple.

“Seeing the child’s face and seeing the father’s face, the first thing I did was hug that child and let him know that whatever the teacher said, that is not who he is,” Allen said.

Allen said she forwarded the video to a district official who instantly replied “They said ‘What is this! and this manager was livid.

About an hour later, Allen said, she learned the teacher was no longer employed by the district.

“This little boy and his dad are going to get a little bit of counseling. The school district wants to help them out as well. And Eagles Flight is going to provide services for them,” Allen said.

Allen said that at a time when people are nervous and the threat of violence in schools hangs over everyone like a heavy blanket, she hopes the incident will help people realize that kindness is the duty of each.

“It’s disheartening because we see our children being bullied at school. It happens. But seeing a teacher openly bullying a child, face to face, in front of other children, is called bullying. bullying led by the teacher. It was horrible,” Allen said. said.

Allen said she thought the child would have struggled to report the issue, had it not been for the video evidence.

“There was nothing this kid could do to defend himself, but what he had was a friend who picked up a phone and started recording,” Allen said.

“Because of this video? Nothing else needed to be said,” Allen said.

“I applaud the efforts of Edgewood and this official who responded so quickly. This young boy did not want to go to school today because he was scared, but now he can go to school. school tomorrow knowing he’ll be safe,” Allen said. said, adding “I’m very, very impressed with how Edgewood responded.”

Like most districts, Edgewood has a tip line for students to report all types of concerning situations.

The district representative said she hopes the lesson learned from this incident is that students will know if they see something wrong, and if they say something, they will be heard.

The Safeline phone number is available 24/7 at 210-898-2027 or reports can be made online.

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