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EarlyDay raises $3.25 million for the education job market

  • EarlyDay is a career marketplace for early childhood educators to connect with schools and daycares.
  • The startup is trying to help solve the current staffing crisis in early childhood education.
  • Co-founders Emma Harris and Melissa Tran have just raised a $3.25 million funding round to expand.

EarlyDay, an online job marketplace like LinkedIn or Indeed, for teachers and early childhood schools just raised $3.25 million.

During EarlyDay, teachers can apply to create a profile on the platform, then are screened by moderators to confirm their qualifications. Once approved, they can be matched with a daycare or preschool in need of new monitors or assistants. The team hopes this can help streamline hiring for these types of jobs in the United States, where the country faces a massive shortage of child care workers and teachers.

“We quickly discovered from our research that there is a massive child care hiring problem in this country,” EarlyDay co-founder Emma Harris told Insider. “Daycares use Craigslist or Indeed to hire, and teacher turnover was 40% a year – and that was before COVID.”

Harris said she came up with the idea for EarlyDay in 2020, when she was pregnant with her first child.

She had been researching child care centers for her son to attend once born, and she found herself sucked down a rabbit hole of information about the broken state of early childhood education.

“We realized there was a huge need for childcare and the lack of available childcare places was preventing women from working,” she said.

Harris is no stranger to bringing startups to market. She was part of the founding team of GuavaPass, a ClassPass-like company for Singapore in 2015 while living overseas. Her co-founder, Melissa Tran, was her first employee at GuavaPass and has worked with her ever since.

The two officially launched EarlyDay in New York in September 2021 and have now recruited over 7,000 teachers to sign up. Currently, they operate in New York, Westchester County, and Houston, and they plan to launch in Chicago within the next year. The latest fundraiser will also help the company expand into new cities and recruit more school and daycare partners.

EarlyDay currently has over 150 active school partners, including the major national daycare chain Bright Horizons.

Their rapid growth has attracted interest from investors at Alpaca VC and Struck Capital, who have signed on to co-lead the startup’s seed round. Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund and FJ Labs also participated in the round.

Harris told Insider that she and Tran are thrilled the round has been lifted so they can focus on expanding child care hiring nationwide, especially for the majority of their clients who are small “mom and pop” businesses, Harris said.

“We want to support business owners who got into this industry because they’re passionate about it, but they spend so much time hiring when they could be looking after kids,” she said. .

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