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Eagle-eyed editor steps into professional journalism

After four intense years with the daily lobo, Megan Gleason is ready to leave student journalism and enter the world of professional journalism. After working as a freelance journalist and journalist, culture editor, editor and managing editor, Gleason is counting the days until she graduates, when she will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music.

Gleason started as a freelance journalist after an unpleasant hiring process for the Lobo and “never would have guessed” that she would rise through the ranks so quickly.

“I first decided that I didn’t want to work at the daily lobo“said Gleason. “But my sophomore year…I started writing like three stories a week really quickly and I think I got promoted to beat journalist, like, probably within a month of starting my job there…I probably became active maybe a month or two before (the start of the COVID-19 pandemic), so COVID was almost entirely what I know of the Lobo. I just knew a little before that.

Her partner Jake Nowlin has been by her side for over three years, witnessing much of her journalistic work and development.

“Megan is massively work-oriented; she’s just very determined… She puts in those jobs where it stresses her out, but that’s where she does her best work… I don’t think you can watch a movie without her have to talk to someone or make a call or finish some kind of paper and I think that’s great, she’s really dedicated,” Nowlin said.

A self-proclaimed “über-perfectionist,” Gleason plans to graduate with a GPA above 4.0. It is, given that Gleason put paper before his schoolwork, a feat not to be forgotten.

“When you become a publisher, your priorities change. Suddenly paper is #1 and school is #2,” Gleason said.

A few weeks after retiring from daily lobo and graduating from UNM, Gleason is about to start doing professional reporting, covering environmental and behavioral health beats.

“I’m so excited for the newsroom I’m going,” Gleason said. “It’s actually my first choice for a newsroom, and I think the reporting is just awesome.”

Gleason’s intense attention to detail and innate perfectionism have kept the daily lobo operate smoothly throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Although Nowlin’s values ​​don’t always match his own — especially academically — he is impressed with her dedication and skill.

“I saw her very upset that she got a B and to me that’s ridiculous but…I think she’s just a hard worker and she really believes in what she’s doing. She is passionate about her work,” Nowlin said. “She complains about the workload but, in reality, she is in love with all aspects of the newspaper, the news and its music; it’s inspiring.

Although his time reporting and editing for the Lobo coming to an end, Gleason does not plan to lose interest in the vast field of student journalism.

“Student publications sucked me in and I couldn’t get out. I don’t think I ever will,” Gleason said.

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