Developing a Healthy Personal Brand with Minda Harts, Equity and Workplace Consultant

Minda Harts is a workplace and equity consultant. She is also the best-selling and award-winning author of TheMemo, Just insideand You are more than magic. Minda is a much sought after speaker for companies such as Liberty Mutual, Nike, Google and Salesforce. In 2020, she was named Top Voice for Equity in the Workplace by LinkedIn. Harts hosts a weekly live podcast called Secure the seat. Minda Harts speaks with Forbes about her passion for workplace equity and her career path.

Goldie Chan: Hello Minda, thank you for joining us today. What has you professional path been ?

Minda Harts: I spent 15 years in corporate and non-profit roles as a philanthropic consultant. In 2015, I began my side hustle of career boot camps and a weekly newsletter discussing topics that reflect the experiences of women of color in the workplace. And in 2019, I became a full-time entrepreneur and author.

Song: Which of the books you have worked on was your favorite and why?

Harts: I would say my second book Inside: How to Heal From Racial Trauma in the Workplace. Many of us have had work experiences that could be traumatic. And normally we just sweep them under the rug. Just inside was inspired by Lauryn Hills’ famous phrase, “How you gonna win, if you ain’t right on the inside.” We can’t control what promotions we might not receive or if someone discriminates against us in the workplace, but we can control how we see ourselves and whether we’re going to allow those experiences to break our souls. . Essentially, I write about mental health and wellness and that’s extremely important.

Song: What is an inspiring story that has marked you?

Harts: I am drawn to stories that reshape humanity. When people see injustice and decide they want to leave a better space than they found. It takes courage to activate change. I’m inspired by people who take the leap and do the real work.

Song: How would you describe your personal brand?

Harts: I would describe my personal brand as approachable and down to earth. I love that people feel like they’re sitting in my living room on a Friday night and eating snacks. I know it might sound weird to say, but I think I bring a certain vibe that makes people feel seen and relaxed.

Song: What are you currently working on?

Harts: I started my production company called Queen of Harts Productions and worked to bring my books and stories to life in different mediums. During Women’s History Month and Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, me and my writing partner Tyler Young worked with a diverse group of actresses to bring Memo monologues to the Twitter Spaces audio platform. Our audio game has really inspired a whole new group of people who might not read some of my work.

Song: Which book do you recommend to others and why?

Harts: Heat of other suns by Isabelle Wilkerson. He talks about the experiences of African Americans in the United States. I believe origin stories are so important and knowing our history helps us not to repeat the ugly parts.

Song: How does your own personal story inspire your speeches or books?

Harts: A little over four years ago, I was working for a company and I was miserable. I had always worked in environments where I was the only black woman or one of the few women of color and the isolation can be suffocating. I decided to create resources for women of color in the workplace and write books about careers that center our experiences.

Taking a chance on myself and reminding other women of color who might feel the same, that your career matters and you have a voice, use it. I was able to publish my first best-seller via Seal Press/Hachette Books titled, The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table and my second which is currently available called Inside: How to Heal From Racial Trauma in the Workplace. I hope my story inspires others to take a risk centered on your mental health.

Song: What are you doing to uplift others in your community?

Harts: I host a live podcast called Secure the seat and I bring people together in the community to discuss issues that affect women of color in the workplace. I also find guests who are doing amazing things and working on important ways to improve the workplace and invite them to the show. Our success is not a solitary sport. I have also created a scholarship for female students of color to help them continue their education when they are struggling financially.

Song: Any last branding or career advice for this year?

Harts: “Don’t be ambivalent about your career, own it! »

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