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Company Folders, Inc. Eliminates College Education Requirement for Job Postings

What happens in today’s job search when you start with attitude, skills rather than having a degree. Company Folders in Pontiac, Michigan quickly found the candidates.

PONTIAC, MI — Eliminating a bachelor’s degree from a company’s occupational requirements has been proven to increase diversity and reduce inequality. And, with the current labor shortage, more and more companies in the United States have decided to do just that.

An online printing company – Company Folders, Inc. – has joined in removing the college education prerequisite from their job postings.

Vladimir Gendelman, founder and CEO of Company Folders, said he was inspired after his executive assistant became a print project manager – and thrived despite not having the pedagogical training for this type of work.

“She learned it on the job through our training program, she’s doing very well and enjoying it immensely,” he said.

Shortly after, Company Folders posted a job posting for a marketing manager, and they struggled to find qualified candidates with college degrees. Inspired by his print project manager, Gendelman and his team recognized that a person’s attitude and skills matter more than having a degree.

“We realized that the real difference between our successful and unsuccessful hires over the years was their attitude. We’re looking for a positive attitude. Attitude eats education for breakfast,” Gendelman said.

The Biden administration’s announcement of the new student loan forgiveness plan reinforced Company Folders’ decision to rethink education requirements for their jobs.

“These three separate events happened at the same time. Together with Biden’s $10,000 student debt relief — and the fact that average student debt is over $30,000 — it got us wondering if we needed a CMO degree. Once we realized that wasn’t the case, we evaluated all the other positions we had and decided that none of our positions needed a degree,” Gendelman said.

He added that he would encourage other companies to also consider eliminating their college education requirements.

“Of course, there are positions where you have to have a college education – obviously doctors, lawyers, etc. That goes without saying. But there are many positions in companies like ours that could work entirely with training programs and skills-based recruitment,” he said.

Gendelman and his team hope to help change the mindset that people should spend their lives going to college, finding a job based on that degree, and then working there until retirement.

“Over time – with the rapid acceleration of technology – what you learned in school becomes obsolete. It’s not like it used to be. But, if you have someone who is willing to learn and has common sense, then real education is irrelevant,” he said.

“If you take into consideration the cost of education and the amount of student loans people take out, I think it’s important that those who choose not to still have a chance at a productive life. “

Company Folders, which celebrates its 20th anniversary next year, is based in Pontiac, Michigan, and has worked with thousands of organizations nationwide, including Google, Amazon, Ford and the PGA Tour, to create one-of-a-kind print marketing. materials that enhance each client’s brand identity.

For job openings with Company Folders, visit For more information, contact Vladimir Gendelman at 248-738-7600 or [email protected].

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