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Come join us at the Daily News

We have reached May and that means across the country thousands of college graduates are leaving school and entering the workforce.

Hopefully this will be good news for hiring.

Over the past two years, we’ve written extensively about the local employment scene, from struggles in some industries to maintain full staff to why some are simply not returning to their old jobs or even looking for new. It seems that at one time or another, just about everyone has put a sign for help wanted during this time.

Here at the Daily News, it’s no different. Due to retirements and career changes, we are also hiring. Over the coming week, we will begin to advertise journalist positions for two roles.

One is for a news and trending reporter, and in a community like Newport, that offers plenty of opportunity. We are looking for someone who can not only report on topics such as the luxury housing market and Newport’s biggest happenings, but can switch gears when needed to cover news as it happens, including the major fires or even murders.

To be honest, it’s the kind of role you’ll rarely get bored in because you’ll get to write about something new every day.

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