You are currently viewing Clarkson University listed in Princeton Review’s 388 Best Colleges

Clarkson University listed in Princeton Review’s 388 Best Colleges

Clarkson University is one of the best institutions in the country for undergraduates according to The Princeton Review. The education services company features and recommends Clarkson in the new edition of its annual college guide, The Best 388 Colleges: 2023 Edition.

“We salute Clarkson for his outstanding academics and many other impressive offerings,” said Rob Franek, editor of The Princeton Review and lead author of The Best 388 Colleges. “We are delighted to recommend it as an ideal choice for students looking for their ‘best fit’ college.

Clarkson is also on The Princeton Review’s Best Colleges in the Northeast, Best Values, and Green Colleges lists, and ranked by students 15th for everyone plays intramural sports, 19th for Top 20 Alumni Networks (Private Schools) and #25 for Best Career Services.

Students interviewed for the book say Clarkson is a science and technology powerhouse that has consistently turned career-ready, “hard-working and determined” students into the workforce. The school is known for its excellent placement rate and “the large number of internship opportunities Clarkson’s connections bring.” “Everyone wants you to succeed and provides you with the resources to do so.” Many courses are project-based, so students gain “practical skills and real-world experience that will help them immediately in the job market.”

Students love the Career Center, which hosts two career fairs and “a myriad of workshops” each year to help students find and prepare for co-ops, internships, and jobs. Additionally, Clarkson SPEED (Student Projects for Engineering Experience and Design) teams, like Design, Build, Fly, “allow students to put their practical engineering knowledge to the test.”

In the “Survey Says” sidebar of the book’s profile on Clarkson, The Princeton Review lists topics on which Clarkson students surveyed agreed the most: “career services are excellent,” “active alumni on campus” and “intramural sports are popular.”

The Princeton Review chose the colleges for the book based on data it collects each year from surveys of 2,000 college administrators about their institutions’ academic offerings. For its selection of profiled schools for the book, the company also looks at data from its surveys of students attending the schools. Only about 14% of America’s 2,700 four-year colleges are described in the book.

The Princeton Review does not rank the colleges in the book hierarchically, from 1 to 388. However, the book contains 50 ranking list categories. Each list names the top 25 schools (among those in the book) in its category. The ranking lists are compiled based on The Princeton Review’s surveys of 160,000 students at the book’s 388 schools. The company’s 85-question student survey asked students to rate their colleges on dozens of topics and report on their experiences on campus.

The Best 388 Colleges is one of more than 150 Princeton Review books published by Penguin Random House. The annual book and its rankings have been featured on NBC TODAY more than a dozen times and referenced by many other outlets, from NPR to the Wall Street Journal and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Princeton Review is an educational services company known for tutoring, test prep, admissions services, books, and other learning resources. Based in New York, NY, it is not affiliated with Princeton University.

School profiles and ranking lists in The Best 388 Colleges are published at, where they can be searched for free.

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