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Cherokee Termite & Pest Control Continuing Services Since 1964 | Money

TAHLEQUAH – For 58 years, Cherokee Termite & Pest Control has served the Cherokee Nation Reservation and recently won the TERO Certified Customer Service Award for its years of service.

Cherokee Nation citizen Jack Crittenden, 88, started working with his brother in a small business spraying livestock and homes with insects.

Cherokee Termite & Pest Control was established in 1964 and is one of TERO’s oldest active suppliers, receiving recognition for it in 2016 in addition to winning the 2021 TERO award.

“I was very honoured. I was surprised,” Crittenden said. “There are many vendors Cherokee Nation does business with and being selected among them was an honor. We try to do a good job for everyone, whether it’s the Cherokee Nation or an individual.

Crittenden works with his grandson Tyler Nipper on ongoing termite and pest control services in residential and commercial properties.

“We do homes, residential and commercial. We work across the region, not just in Tahlequah,” Crittenden said. “We do a lot of work for the Cherokee Nation. We go to Nowata and long errands like that to get the clinic and the food distributions and some of the child care.

Nipper said when they worked it varied depending on the type of treatment needed.

“Our specialty is insects of almost any kind,” Nipper said. “It just depends on the target pest we are there to deal with. If it’s a termite job, for example, if someone has a house that has a crawl space, we spend a lot of time underneath fixing it to treat it for termites. If someone just lives in town and they have spiders in their house, then we’ll go out and bring a spray can and spray inside their house for spiders.

Nipper said they also treat the exterior of the house by spraying around flower beds and walkways and other places where bugs can easily get into the house.

They worked many pre-construction jobs across the Cherokee Nation.

“We also do a fair amount of pre-construction work as far as termites go,” Nipper said. “What that implies is that when they build a building, for example the new CN outpatient clinic, we have dealt with that before they build it against termites. We call this preprocessing. When they come in and prepare the foundation to pour the concrete to start building their structure, we come in last before they pour their concrete and process the ground.

Crittenden said they are working with the Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture to ensure licenses are up to date and to certify employees as technicians.

“We have to recertify every five years,” Crittenden said. “We handle products that are new and you need to be able to read labels and understand product mixes. Some of them are poisonous, so you need to know what you’re doing. The Ministry of Agriculture requires it.

Both Crittenden and Nipper say they are grateful for the TERO program and how it has helped their business over the years.

“They give people the opportunity to employ Indians, that’s the best thing about TERO,” Nipper said. “They give preference to Indians and when you win those bids, it puts Indians to work. This is the biggest benefit of the program that we see.

Nipper has worked with and for his grandfather since he was young and learning the trade. After attending college, he helped out full-time.

“Honestly, that’s all I’ve ever done,” Nipper said. It’s my family’s reputation. He has spent his life working for people and the community. For me, it is an honor to be able to carry on my grandfather’s legacy.

For more information, call Cherokee Termite & Pest Control at 918-456-8559.

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