You are currently viewing Call for freelancers writing content for Law Brigade editors, 2.5k/month stipend [Apply by April 20]

Call for freelancers writing content for Law Brigade editors, 2.5k/month stipend [Apply by April 20]

The Law Brigade Group is an open access online journal publisher. The Law Brigade enjoys being the only research start-up in India and the largest journal publisher with a portfolio of 11 international journals. The journals they operate are indexed in the prestigious Google Scholar. Their journals have one of the highest impact factors of 6.8, which is the highest impact factor in the Indian legal publication industry. The Law Brigade Journals have an h-index of 13 by Google Scholar, which no journal has in India. They publish valid primary research in all areas of law. You can visit to find all the journals published by The Law Brigade Group. The Editorial Advisory Board and the Editorial Board of the Law Brigade Group cover the entire field of law and are at the heart of their activities. The Law Brigade Group is an open access journal publisher.

Call for freelancers

We are looking to hire 30 freelancers for a Work at home content writing project. Freelancers would be hired based on the quality of their previous written articles.

Professional profile

  1. We will provide you with a legal column each month, you would need to write an article.
  2. Formatting – Article text should be in Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1.5 while footnotes should be in Times New Roman, font size 10, line spacing 1
  3. The article should be around 20,000 words or 50 pages of writing and should be completed in 30 days. However, you will still need to submit your work progress of 4000 words or 10 essay pages every 6 days.
  4. Authorized plagiarism is 9% maximum excluding bibliography and citations. The work will be checked for plagiarism on Turnitin.
  5. Footnotes should be in BlueBook style.
  6. A project will be considered complete when the work conforms to the article outline provided, has a maximum of 9% plagiarism, and is properly formatted. If the article does not meet our quality standard, we will send it back to the freelancer for review and allow 7 days time for final review. Compensation would be paid after submission of the article according to the guidelines mentioned above.


The work assigned would be on a project basis. The deadline for each project would be 30 days. Once you have completed the 1st month’s project, you can resume the next month’s work and so on.


  1. Any law student can apply to become a freelancer at The Law Brigade Publishers. However, 3rd-5th year students would be given preference. However, we would need to verify your work sample before approving your freelance request.
  2. Candidates who have already completed an internship at Libertatem Magazine will be privileged (since we know their writing style).
  3. The candidate must have already published in journals/books/blogs, etc. We will review posts to judge your research abilities and knowledge of footnotes.


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Compensation would continue to vary based on project length and time. However, the base compensation would be Rs 2500/20K word project.

terms and conditions

  1. The copyright in your work will belong to The Law Brigade Publishers. You are not permitted to use said work as your own without written consent from The Law Brigade Publishers.
  2. You cannot leave the project in between. No remuneration would be paid if you leave in between.
  3. In the event that you wish to take a break from your freelance work, you must inform us 1 week before the proposed break or complete the project you have undertaken and then take a break. We will have to assign your work to another freelancer.

How to register?

To apply for a freelance position, please complete the form here


For any clarification, please email us at [email protected]

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Please do not contact by phone/WhatsApp as you may not receive a response.

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