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Bryce Hall talks angel investing and the glory days of Sway House

There are plenty of content creators who can dance to stardom with fifteen-second clips on TikTok. But few can bear it.

Bryce Hall is one of those rare influencers.

With 21.3 million subscribers on TikTok, 7.4 million on Instagram, 3.5 million on YouTube and 1.7 million on Twitter, the revolutionary social media star has amassed a massive social media following to serve as the foundation for his future endeavors as a content creator and entrepreneur, such as being the co-founder of Ani Energy. Hall reminisces about the good old days of Sway House, talks about his scramble as an angel investor, and provides insight into his future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Frederick Daso: First of all, I want to talk about the Sway House. What led you to form the Sway House as you all started to explode on TikTok?

Bryce Room: Well, we’ve seen the rise of content houses and the fall of content houses. In the back of our heads, Josh and I thought about the idea. Let’s start a group with all our friends; let’s move into a house and follow the content house rulebook, but change it.

When we launched the Sway House, it was just a TikTok collective. Everyone had their own idea of ​​where they wanted to go. We soon realized that only a few of our paths lined up. We already knew it wasn’t going to last, but let’s make the most of it. We have all benefited from it, or some of us have. And then some don’t. For example, look at Jaden Hossler. He lived most with me at the Sway House. I knew him before any other member of Sway House, and now he’s a rock star. He’s fine, but he’s not at the Sway House anymore. Noah Beck went from being a college football athlete to joining the Sway House and exploding on social media. Now he kills it in everything he does, like modeling. He is doing something good.

Josh [Richards] to all its business ventures. Same for me. I do all the YouTube stuff. Yeah. Josh is back on YouTube. It’s good. We all kill it in a different area.

Daso: Awesome. What were some of the best parts of your time as a member of Sway House?

Entrance: Start it? The idea of ​​having a house full of your best friends will never be forgotten. It was the best time of my life being in this house with a group of my friends, doing whatever we wanted and killing it with all eyes on us. It was sick.

Daso: I get it. Were there any plans for the longevity of the content house, or was it always a short-term thing from the start? You mentioned at the very beginning that you knew the Sway House wasn’t going to last, so you had to make the most of it.

Entrance: We will always be connected. For example, we have the Sway Fitness pre-workout, and it’s an Evergreen GNC across the United States. We are connected in certain ways, but we don’t always collaborate. We knew from the start that it wasn’t going to last forever, but we were all going to remain good friends. Some more than others.

Daso: Uh oh.

Entrance: Yeah. There’s, there’s a little beef in there.

Daso: Good then ! Well, we’ll come to that in a minute. First of all, after all this experience with Sway, what is your opinion of content houses in general?

Entrance: It’s a good idea to start content houses because they grow first. If you walk into a house of contentment and think it’s going to last forever, you’re stupid, no offense. It won’t last forever. Are you going to be thirty-five in a house of contentment? You start your career here, then you do your own thing. Watch One Direction. Any group of people will never last forever, as it hurts to say. They build that fan base around the whole band, and everyone in the band uses that to get the push.

Daso: Absolutely. You make sense here with some interesting points, especially in relation to the Hype House.

Entrance: Yeah. I don’t know why Thomas [Petrou] even try more. It’s like, man, it’s dead, man. Did it peak? It’s a peak. It’s like the D’Amelios are gone. Addison Rae is gone. Chase Hudson is gone. Now he is trying to create a new group. I understand. He makes a lot of money out of it, but it won’t work like it used to.

I do not know. I guess it’s a hit that he had a Netflix show, but nobody in that Netflix show was in the main Hype House. It was strange. It’s like trying to revamp the Sway House, recruit new Sway boys, and then create more from there. He won’t go anywhere.

Daso: Wow, you’re not firing shots here, huh! I have more questions on this, but want to move on to investing. How did you get involved in angel investing in startups? You are one of the few content creators I know to actively participate.

Entrance: Even when I started investing, I knew I was making a lot of money, no, a lot of money for our age. However, from the beginning, I say that it is not forever. I’ve seen people making a million a month back then and making nothing now. For example, the Magcon boys. Besides Shawn Mendes, who is still making the money they were making in 2015? I’ve seen this happen before, even with Team 10. I got into angel investing because I knew one of these companies would succeed. You can’t go wrong with investing. Well, you can; you have a lot of failures, but if one succeeds, you are good.

Many of the Sway Boys already have shares in a bunch of different successful companies. A huge one is Triller. We love Triller. With guidance from Michael Gruen, the Sway boys had the right idea. We all wanted to invest. We didn’t know where to start.

Daso: I get it.

Entrance: Huge props to Michael Gruen. He helped us a lot.

Daso: Wonderful. Taking a specific example here, what is your added value that has enabled you to secure allocation in funding rounds for companies such as AON3D?

Entrance: I think the use of the Sway brand and our individual names was the main advantage that allowed us to invest or obtain allocations in all these companies.

Daso: I like confidence. How are you going to continue to build your balance sheet as an angel investor, given that it’s something you do while growing as a content creator?

Entrance: I will still continue to do so. Also, I’m more focused on starting my own businesses, such as Ani Energy, the Sway Fitness line, and other businesses. I want to start my own clothing business. The college of party people is doing well, but that was obviously through another company. My next step will build on my initial success in the clothing industry and work on my clothing line.

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