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Biden administration partners with employment firms to address teacher shortage

The Biden administration on Wednesday announced a handful of actions aimed at addressing the teacher shortage in the United States, including partnering with job-finding companies to facilitate education recruitment. .

The White House announced that ZipRecruiter would launch a new web portal to showcase K-12 school jobs; Handshake is planning a virtual event in October to encourage current students to explore education jobs; and Indeed would host virtual job fairs specifically for educators.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh also wrote a letter to state and local officials encouraging them to pay competitive salaries for education positions and establish training programs. teachers to recruit and retain educators.

Biden administration officials are expected to highlight the new actions at an event on Tuesday hosted by first lady Jill Biden, who is herself a teacher, which will bring together Cardona, Walsh, officials from the White House Domestic Policy Council and other stakeholders to discuss how to help schools fill vacancies.

The COVID-19 pandemic β€” which has forced many schools to embrace remote learning for months β€” has contributed to a critical shortage of teachers in parts of the United States. That has caused some districts to shorten the school week as education officials struggle to fill vacancies.

The Biden administration has limited tools to address these challenges at the local level.

Administration officials have encouraged education officials to use unused funds from the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that President Biden signed into law last year to bolster staff compensation.

β€œThe President has been clear from day one that to address these long-standing staffing challenges facing our schools, exacerbated by the pandemic, teachers, paraprofessionals and other school staff must be paid. competitively and treated with the respect and dignity they deserve, including through improved working conditions for staff and better learning conditions for students,” reads a White House fact sheet released Wednesday. .

The White House also said Wednesday that teachers’ unions like the American Federation of Teachers and other organizations have agreed to explore ways to expand teacher learning programs.

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