You are currently viewing Autostraddle is hiring new writers for our team!  Is that you?

Autostraddle is hiring new writers for our team! Is that you?

HELLO AND GREAT NEWS! Autostraddle is looking for 5-7 new writers to join our team! We’re looking for thoughtful, funny, bold and ambitious LGBTQ+ writers with a lot to say and an original voice to say it!

We want writers who want to use our platform to truly connect with our readers. We’re looking for people with sharp perspectives, unvarnished honesty, and who aren’t afraid to make people laugh or look at something that once seemed familiar in a new way.


You will write and publish at least three articles per month (with the possibility of writing more!). Additionally, you’ll connect with us on Slack and contribute to team writing projects, roundtables, and the A+ Insider, as requested.

Listen, we know you don’t make a living on our site – most of the writers on our team have other full-time jobs or freelance gigs – so we’re flexible on your schedule, but we’re also firm. on expectations and deadlines!

The ideal candidates:

  • Have an intense dedication to lesbian, bisexual, queer and trans culture – from music and fashion to movies, dating and yes internet topics of the day
  • Be comfortable coming up with story ideas on your own and pitching them regularly to editors (although stories may also be assigned to you)
  • Being able to dive deep into a story, critically thinking about it from multiple angles
  • Being able to write voice content from a personal perspective that connects with a wider audience, whether it’s a fun article about Gayest socks or a compelling personal essay on sobriety. We want you to have the range!
  • Be comfortable with journalistic standards of sourcing and fact-checking
  • Be familiar with basic HTML (or be able to learn quickly!) and social media
  • Have a professional command of grammar and spelling
  • Have a passion for Autostraddle and build a queer community
  • Above all, you need to be reliable and responsible – the nature of a ‘virtual office’ means we need a lot more ‘check-ins’ than you might be used to

We’re especially interested in writers who can contribute to any of the following topics/post types, so let us know if that’s you:

  • Music critics and writers
  • movie reviews
  • Fashion, “beauty” and style or comfort with writing honest and vocal product recommendations from a queer perspective
  • enthusiasts of enlightened books and news!
  • Witty, informative and accessible political coverage
  • College and gay life in your twenties
  • Gay parents and other grown ass stuff
  • WEIRD FUNNY SHIT! Humorous and fast-paced pop culture or personal pieces
  • All of the above (and more!!), especially from a queer trans, disability, and/or POC perspective

And hey, if you have any of these skills, let us know too: Photoshop, graphic design, illustration, video editing, podcast production/editing, TikTok production/editing, merchandising, marketing, social media, event planning. events, research and data analysis.

To apply:

Complete the application below. We ask :

  • Your background and your experience
  • Your areas of expertise and what interests you
  • 3 standalone story ideas and 2 ideas for a limited edition column (things only you can write!)
  • Some examples of writing
  • Links to your social networks if relevant or applicable

QTPOC writers are especially encouraged to apply!

The deadline to apply is February 28. There will be a second round of virtual interviews with final applicants. We’ve had this question a few times, and yes, applicants are welcome to apply even if you’re outside the United States.

What’s in it for you:

Writers are paid per article, ranging from $80 to $200 per article ($80-$120 for less than 1,000 words is our most common rate). Again, we are looking for writers to write at least three articles per month.

You will also have the option to get paid more on special occasions (e.g. sponsored posts, as well as in-depth reported articles, A+ posts for our subscribers who go behind a paywall, etc.). It is possible to access higher paying positions or additional side projects as these opportunities arise.

We know those rates won’t even come close to what you deserve! We work hard to increase our rates every year (and have continued to do so, even during a pandemic) and we will continue until they are competitive in the market. We want to pay more. We have also created a COVID Writers Relief Fund for all writers on our team. As you may have noticed, independent queer media is not exactly a cash cow! But we do one thing that apparently a lot of other publications don’t: We pay most of our writers within a week of invoicing, and all within a month.

You’ll also get free and discounted merchandise, free Gold A+ memberships, expense reimbursements, and cool stuff passes whenever possible.

None of us work for big money here, but we are passionate about the work we do and value mentorship. Here’s what we can promise: you’ll become a better writer, build a brand and portfolio, learn valuable skills, and have the freedom to write about topics that interest you on a heavily GLAAD-awarded platform. Autostraddle team editors write for The Cut, Refinery29, Vogue, Elle, Vulture, VICE, and more. They went on to become editor of Nylon, senior technical editor of The Daily Beast, executive director of Bitch, digital editor of Ms Magazine, and associate editor of Business Insider.

The deadline to apply is February 28

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we can only contact you if we are interested in working with you. We aim to get back to anyone we want to talk more with the week of March 14th to March 21st at the latest.

You can apply using the embedded form below or directly follow this link to the form. Either option will work. We look forward to hearing from you!

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